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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I agree, the Impressive Instant slander is ridiculous. Only people who were not there and did not hear it for the first time on release day back in 2000 may think of it as a dated or basic dance song when in reality it took our breath away 20 years ago. It was the most bonkers thing Madonna has done up to that point and it still shines as a highlight on Music.
  2. Oh this is carnage now isn't it. Delicious.

    I support "Ghosttown" making it just about this far but seeing some of what's leaving, it feels out of place. That, "Impressive Instant" "Secret" and "Hollywood" would be my picks to leave next. All good-to-great songs but we're getting firmly into 11s territory now and that they are not.
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  3. Crazy For You has a bit too much heterosexual sweaty school disco energy for me to adore it. It's beginning to reek in here... get rid.

    Alongside Virgin, Ghosttown and Borderline.
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  4. [​IMG]

    We wouldn’t have most of Carly’s Emotion without Crazy For You and Borderline....
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  5. What does that have to do with a rate of the best pop discography of all time?
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  6. Paradise is truly such a timeless song, it could've honestly have fit in on Confessions or Madame X and not sounded out of place at all
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  7. I always listen to the songs while reading their elimination write ups, and they usually finish before I'm done reading. However, playing "Lucky Star" and finishing the reading, I looked how much is left until the song ends and it was just over halfway through in its running length. Instead, it felt like I replayed the song three times... her debut album tracks really could've been shortened.

    Regarding this, I can't fathom the overwhelming love for her debut album's hit songs, especially when excellent album tracks that are "Physical Attraction" and "I Know It" were paid dust. It's all very same-y, very 80's (which isn't a bad thing per say) and overly repetitive, despite them being good. Not enough strong melodies nor overly profound lyrics to make up for that, either.
  8. Yes.
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  9. The influence these great songs you are calling for the end of, have had on our pop landscape Hen,

  10. Lucky Star? What the fuck? I thought this song was big in any little gay pop heart
  11. I gave only a single 10 across the debut but Lucky Star was a 9.5 and should still be here. It sounds alive and fresh and exciting every single time.
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  12. Laurie Metcalf has left the chat

    ...until the Top 5.
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  13. This is possibly the most on the money comment I have ever read! It had everybody absolutely salivating. And when the 'squishy bit' in the middle kicks in and the audience are clapping along it gets me every time.
  14. I think the next few to go should really be

    Burning Up
    Don't Tell Me
    Medellín (Feat. Maluma)

    with Ghosttown out first, please​
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Crazy For You and Like A Virgin outlasting Lucky Star is an awful mistake.
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  16. I'm seeing too many people calling for Hollywood. Why is this rate so painful?
  17. Lucky Star was done so wrong and we better NOT be thinking about a Bad Girl elimination until it's Top 20.
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  18. Lucky Star transitioning to Hung Up on the Confessions Tour is a career highlight.
  19. I'm scared for Burning Up, hopefully it will make at least Top 30.
  20. Looking at what's left, and there are actually a lot of songs that I absolutely wouldn't mind leaving at this point:
    Burning Up
    Express Yourself
    Bad Girl
    Take A Bow
    Drowned World/Substitute for Love
    Don't Tell Me
    What It Feels Like for a Girl
    X-Static Process
    Die Another Day
    Get Together
    Future Lovers
    God Control
    Crazy for You
    Justify My Love
    Rescue Me
    Beautiful Stranger
    Not to say all of them are weak, which obviously isn't the case, but they just aren't among the songs that I would listen to on repeat (and all of the other songs received at least an 8 from me).
    Also, it makes me sad that some of these outlasted multiple glorious album tracks just because they were singles.
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