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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Not with my 7 it won't
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  2. V O G U E ???

    Is today the first of April?
    It MUST be.
    Do we have a vaccine yet?
    Or at least the Madame X dvd???
  3. Dddd, @Maki these lists are going to get you killed.
  4. Leave Burning Up and Erotica tracks THE FUCK alone!!
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  5. Well, I'm not forcing anyone to click on a spoiler, hehe.

    Also, given what's left, any list would make another person furious, so...
  6. Just curious, but did you do any research or watch any of the tours/performances for her discography before diving into this rate? Given that this is the most influential pop star of all time, context and impact really are everything particularly regarding her 80's and 90's material.
  7. I honestly think these songs are all great, and each would be a towering highlight of lesser artist's discographies,'s time for these to leave... (can't believe I'm putting some of these, some of my favourite songs ever, in a list saying they should go... ONLY this rate)

    Like A Virgin
    Till Death Do Us Part
    Bad Girl
    Human Nature
    Take A Bow
    Impressive Instant
    American Life
    Easy Ride
    Future Lovers
    God Control
    Crazy For You
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  8. RJF


    Today's eliminations? Another tie at No.53.



    SCORE: 8.379

    2015 PLACEMENT: N/A
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 41 (@AshtrayHeart @aux @cheida @Raichu @dodoriazarbon @HEARTCORE @djmakemewet @discoteca @Sprockrooster @tylerc904 @sfmartin @rav4boy @OSHi @soratami @Endothelium @Andrew.L @Mjg0806 @Sail On @BreatheBox @FridayNight @muddleddreams @scottdisick94 @citoig @joeee @paperboyfriendd @joe_alouder @Miss Lange @Michael17 @Lila @wintersleep @Remorque @acl @LTG @ufint @nametag @sexercise @happiestgirl @Music Is Life @FrozenNight @fancygreen @Push)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3.5 x 2 (@nanafan @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion)
    MY SCORE: 9/10

    And Madame X is officially down to one track, with "God Control" being the last song standing.

    Another lead single down, but it came so close to the Top 50. "Medellín" was our first taste of the world of Madame X after the snippet of "Extreme Occident" in the teaser trailer a month or so prior to its release, and in my opinion, it more than lived up to everything it had to do: reestablish Madonna and Mirwais as maybe the most creative and exciting collaboration in Madonna's career, and take the rebound that was Rebel Heart and throw it even higher. What you have is a single that easily stands next to Madonna's best; expansive, contemporary, atmospheric, warm, fun, and also... on trend but not. "Medellín" wouldn't sound out of place on radio in the hands of artists far younger, but you can almost guarantee it wouldn't be the sprawling near-five-minute wander through dusty sunbeams that takes us to the past and future and, particularly in 2020, away from the same fucking four walls we've all had to look at for the last six months. The mood in the verses is just so... peaceful and transportive. The minimalist production and Madonna's vocals that have been just ever so slightly smoothed out sweeps you away to anywhere but here before that chorus explodes joyously. "Medellín" has been such a genuinely uplifting song to me in the past year or so; it's pure sunlight.

    It was also the first track that we heard from Madonna's work with Maluma, who she reached out to after meeting at the VMAs, bonding over their mutual love of horses, deciding she liked his work and she wanted to hit that... up for some #magic for her own record. Both Madonna and Maluma have gone to praise each other's work ethics in the studio, with Madonna saying that Maluma doesn't leave the studio until the job is done ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°). I had actually forgotten how... low-key filthy Maluma's opening verse was? Calling Madonna a queen before suggesting his dick is a throne for her to sit on? ivolunteer!.gif. He then moves onto embrace the transportive nature of the song like I mentioned earlier upthread; taking us through the streets of Medellín where there's always a party, and life is only meant to be enjoyed. And on a particularly bleak September day in Glasgow, there's nowhere else I would rather be.

    It's just a rock-solid, smart, fun song that doesn't make any compromises to be fun, like so many of Madonna's latter day singles have done at times. Mirwais provides production that could easily give any other popstar Song Of The Summer!!! credentials to the point where I still laugh a biT at the initial reaction to the track being, "Oh, you can tel Mirwais produced this. It's so ~*complicated*~" ...when you honestly have told me Diplo produced this and I would have believed you, while also rolling my eyes at the same people who would probably criticise what they just praised if the name on the credits changed, but hey, what do I know? It's a great performance by both people on the track too; managing to create such a strong sense of chemistry and world-building while still keeping things light.

    "Medellín", as the lead single to Madame X, was of course treated to a video. One of Madonna's very best, to be honest. It's camp, bright, expensive, silly, sexy, and an absolute blast. Shout out to the cha cha scenes between queen and Maluma, that honestly kind of sets my loins aflame. It was reportedly also performed on the Madame X Tour, but all the footage seems to have been lost in a fire, so we'll settle for the cute Billboard Awards performance, that had Ms X joined by several other Ms Xs through the magic of technology. Enjoy!


  9. I stan Medellin but if it's coming down to it and songs like fucking Borderline and Easy Ride then this is about where it needed to fall.
  10. I think now was a good time for Medellín to go.
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  11. Medellin - 4.5. This was my lowest score left. It's not my thing and I'm not here for any 'Features' except 'I Don't Give A!'
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  12. 4 Minutes remains her best feature song and is far superior to Medellín.
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  13. RJF


    nn I smell discourse
  14. Her best feature songs are I Want You, Crave... and the Levitating remix
  15. My favourite Madonna 'feature' is actually when she appears on 'Me Against The Music.'

    'Hey Britney!'

  16. I’m...okay with Medellin going around now. It’s good but not top 50 good.
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  17. I thought this would last a lot longer to be honest. Scared for "God Control" now...
  18. Good. I thought that "Medellín" would last even longer due to recency bias.

    I consider it her second third weakest lead single (after "Give Me All Your Luvin'" and "Living for Love") and it definitely doesn't even belong to her top 100.

    Edit: I forgot about the existence of "Living for Love"
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  19. This just might be the greatest gif of all time.

  20. LTG


    Not when this exists

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