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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. How boring do you have to be to not like Impressive Instant?
  2. And to be clear, I am absolutely aware that this is Madonna's entire discography that we're rating, and we're officially in the top 50, and iT'S TiMe tO gEt bRUtaL or whatever - and I'm also fully aware that for me personally, objectivity when it comes to rating Madonna's discography is a challenge to say the least. But the Impressive Instant dragging I've been seeing in here for the last like five pages ain't it!
  3. It's interesting to see that the 50 tracks are evenly split in two if we divide her discography in pre- and post-Frozen. Also that, other than Beautiful Stranger and God Control, all the heavy lifting for the second half is done by the "big four" 2000 albums (the run from Ray of Light to Confessions).
  4. Nice to see one of my lower scores leave ("Cherish", which got a 7 from me).
    It's very cute and pleasant, but doesn't stand out among the other singles and should've been out earlier.

    On another note, "Dress You Up" is more or less an obvious winner of "Like a Virgin", and despite not being in my top 3 from that album (it's just behind, though), it's one great and damn catchy song.
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  5. Im sure we all like it. It’s just not one of the 50 best songs by the best pop star ever.

    This is how I feel about the Crazy For You dragging that’s been going on since we hit the Top 100!
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  6. I’m usually the last person to go up for nonsense like Impressive Instant and even I gave it a 9. When it’s right, it’s right!
  7. I was ready to jump on at least one of the remaining songs but honestly it's a bulletproof top 50. Again, there is and will never be anyone else like her.
  8. Starting a prayer circle God Control can make at least top 40.
  9. Finally. I can't believe Cherish lasted this long, it was my lowest score in the top 100.

    I only have seven sub-8 scores in the top 50:​
    Burning Up
    Dress You Up
    Open Your Heart
    Express Yourself
    Crazy For You
    Rescue Me​
    Hopefully at least half of them vacate before the top 40.
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  10. Accurate. I joyously bob my head as I buy my produce every time.
  11. "Impressive Instant" making it to the top 50 is iconic.

    On the other hand, "Crazy for You" is greatly overstaying its welcome.
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  12. Iconic dropping 100 places, however, was NOT
  13. I fully expect to be one of Music's highest scorers, but I do think it's about time for Impressive Instant to vacate the premises. I have three songs with an equal or lower score.
  14. R27


    I can attest during my five year tenure working at supermarket that Cherish was indeed the most likely Madonna song you’d hear playing (followed by Turn On The Radio...). It’s probably why it took me some time to come around to it. It may not stand as tall next to the other behemoth singles (in terms of quality at least), but it’s difficult to not get swept up by its infectiousness and joyfulness. Don’t underestimate her point of view indeed.
  15. Ghosttown will always remind me of the time a few years back when I was walking down one of the main/busiest shopping streets in my city, and a middle-aged Dad was parked on the street in a souped-up Land Rover or Mercedes SUV blasting Ghosttown so fucking loud that you could hear it almost completely clearly despite the fact that all the windows were up. It absolutely must've painfully loud for him inside but he just sat there.

    God I wish I were him.
  16. That top 50 is solid. Whew. And to think of the classics that didn't make it.

    Loved @RJF's tribute to Herb Ritts. His Madonna photographs are so stunning. I mean, True Blue? Truly iconic. Is it wrong that I wish he had photographed the Sex book? I suppose that's a discussion for another time and in another thread.

    It's Impressive (instant) that Impressive Instant and Till Death Do Us Part are still in. I've learned SO much from this rate.
  17. [​IMG]

    Cherish is pure joy and everyone needs to LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP. Imagine thinking Impressive Instant or Burning Up is better than Cherish. Couldn't be me.
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  18. It is
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. [​IMG]
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