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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Well guess what Mimi

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  2. A new day is certainly on the horizon for Impressive Instant, who remains in the rate. As for Cherish on the other hand....
  3. @RJF announcing tomorrow that some fuckwit gave Impressive Instant a 50/10 and it actually got eliminated at #70

  4. These past few eliminations I have chastised myself, thinking I must have lost my senses not giving certain songs a 10- then I realise I scored all songs compared to each other and not your average artist (otherwise pretty much most of her 90 tracks would be a 10).
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  5. I could deal with the only 80s track cracking the top ten being Open Your Heart.

    Aside from Prayer which will either place 1 or 2 of course.
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  6. Not when Into The Groove exists.
  7. We know some people have tanked Like A Prayer and Vogue so I think they're probably not winning...
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  9. Me at the top 50
  10. Well I wouldn’t say tanked but I didn‘t give Like A Prayer a 10 even though it is widely considered one of the best songs of all time. I know that and I love and appreciate it but to me personally it is just not one of my absolute favourites and it never was. So I gave it a 9. Which is probably still good enough for it to reach an average of 10+ because I’m sure most of you gave it a 10-11. Any single score below 8 would be...ridiculous.
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  11. So glad to see Til Death Do Us Part make the Top 50 (and for Madame X to be represented there too).
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Cherish deserved a spot in the top 50 sigh.
  13. RJF


    Our album tracks that made the Top 50, for anyone interested.

    Til Death Do Us Part
    Sky Fits Heaven
    Impressive Instant
    X-Static Process
    Easy Ride
    Future Lovers

    And the album tracks that made the Top 50 in 2015:

    25. Sky Fits Heaven - 8.677
    34. Till Death Do Us Part - 8.412
    38. Skin - 8.335
    41. Forbidden Love (2005) - 8.279
    42. Intervention - 8.27
    46. Devil Pray - 8.162
    47. X-Static Process - 8.152
    48. Isaac - 8.127
    50. Thief Of Hearts - 8.07

    My thots? "Til Death..." is the correct choice as the last 80s album track standing, so at least y'all got that right twice. I think "Future Lovers" owes.... a lot to the perfect Confessions Tour performance, and I have literally no idea what has caused "Impressive Instant" to surge like it has this year. Like it's fun in isolation but when you look at the songs that have burnt out and fell away before it, it's so unbelievably out of its depth now.
  14. RJF


    Also... thinking about dropping down to one track a day at the Top 10.
  15. I like Future Lovers a lot but if any Confessions album track needed to be in the Top 50, it should've been Isaac. Happy that Easy Ride and Impressive Instant haters gonna hate has risen so much!
  16. The top 10 of the album tracks this time is:

    Till Death Do Us Part
    Sky Fits Heaven
    Impressive Instant
    X-Static Process
    Easy Ride
    Future Lovers
    9. Paradise (Not for Me) R.I.P.
    10. Forbidden Love (2005)

    Does "God Control" belong to the album tracks or not?

    Loving the representation of "American Life", especially "Easy Ride".
    However, "Future Lovers" doesn't belong here at all and seriously should've left a while ago. It has outlasted immensely better songs.

    That would be great, even for the top 20. Most of the remaining songs need as much time for spotlighting as possible.
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  17. My top album tracks:

    Physical Attraction
    Til Death Do Us Part
    Something To Remember
    Why’s It So Hard
    Sky Fits Heaven
    Mother & Father
    Rebel Heart
    Graffiti Heart
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  18. I expect La Isla Bonita to topple out unexpectedly pre Top 20 because @JMRGBY gave it a 0/10...
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  19. Rise up fellow Impressives!
  20. I only gave one zero out in the rate as there is one song worse than La Isla Bonita in her discography so don't worry.
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