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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    SCORE: 8.467

    11 x 1

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 17 - 63 of 210 (7.899)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 38 (@RJF @AshtrayHeart @Andreas @Raichu @dodoriazarbon @eatyourself @m_dimitrov @nanafan @djmakemewet @discoteca @rdp @maverick_79 @rav4boy @matthew. @Andrew.L @elear @Andy French @torontodj @BreatheBox @muddleddreams @Drew @Fortune @Sideout @unnameable @RetroPhysical @joeee @Xanax @DinahLee @JonBcn @Mister_G @phoenix123 @Lila @Pop Life @wintersleep @Remorque @Digital Ghost @LTG @Weslicious)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 (@Filippa)
    MY SCORE: 10/10

    The Immaculate Collection is the best selling greatest hits album from a solo artist of all time. It has sold over thirty million copies worldwide. This, despite its release being nearly thirty years ago, is a record that has remained unbroken, and given how out of vogue greatest hits are now, it will probably remain that way. As such, it's also Madonna's best selling (pseudo) album. Can y'all really blame the public? We talk a lot about how much greatest hits are required these days, but sometimes, they just feel earned. Madonna had walked across pop culture for nearly a whole decade, her footprints craters in the impact they left upon its surface. Something that paid homage to that power was not only required, but... necessary for time to move on. Like time would stop until it was acknowledged. So thus we arrive at a CD that summed up exactly why she had been so massive for so long. And it was long, already. Madonna had been in the game for eight years by that point; the whole careers she had already seen live and die in that time is unfathomable.

    So how dare she not only print her first ever Bible... but also put the first chapter to the sequel at the end of it?

    "Rescue Me" sits at the very, very end of an album that isn't so much a flag getting staked in the ground as it so much is... complete and utter conquest. Madonna completed pop. She reached the final level and found that she was the last boss. So what do you do, when you've snatched the keys to the universe? Madonna did as all gods do; begin to remake it.

    "Rescue Me" is a wonderful mix of everything that made Madonna successful while also offering a tantalising hint as to what would come after. A chorus big enough to rival her best, a choir for the melodrama, a voice full of charm and grit and the rasp of someone who had been preaching their own gospel for nearly a decade and had converted everybody. The rapturous joy of simply being a perfect Madonna song, and therefore an S-Grade pop song. And of course, the way it hinted at the more investigative lyricism that was in store in the future. "Rescue Me" maybe contains her most concise, precise, economical appraisal of love; when you find someone who, to put it simply, is also able to navigate you at your most tempestuous and worst and still make it electric. Imagine that insipid Marylin Monroe Facebook Mom quote, but insightful, and spread across four minutes of pop perfection. I mean:

    With you I'm not a fascist
    Can't play you like a toy
    And when I need to dominate
    You're not my little boy
    You see that I am hungry
    For a life of understanding
    And you forgive my angry little heart
    When she's demanding
    You bring me to my knees
    While I'm scratching out the eyes
    Of a world I want to conquer
    And deliver and despise
    And right while I am standing there
    I suddenly begin to care
    And understand that there could be
    A person that loves me

    What a final statement before the next chapter. Doesn't this just sum up Madonna as an entity absolutely? I'm tempted to even say its her best verse ever. A verse that acknowledges the tougher, darker parts of love, where maybe sometimes Madonna doesn't want to play nice. When sometimes her ambition (which, back then, was always going to be her first love) pushes you down to second priority. This is the woman who put the world in her mouth, swirled it around, and tied it in a knot with her tongue. What better way to sum that up than that verse? It's a perfect Madonna song, and a perfect way to finish an album that succinctly sums up why she is, was, and always will be, the fucking QUEEN.

    And here's @nametag to explain to their amazing, if a little left field, 11/10 choice:

    "Not sure it’s the most perfect Madonna track but it might be the one I’ve returned the most since I first heard it. Those vocals, whether on purpose or not, seem a complete one off, but it’s the lyrics that really hit home. They just seem to distil the essence of Madonna – the toughness and the power mixed with the vulnerability, more succinctly than any other song by her. Hearing even that brief snippet of it during the Madame X Tour was such a moment."


    "Rescue Me" was heartbreakingly never performed live... but it was initially teased to return for the Madame X Tour before being reduced to an interlude, which, as far as I can understand, was purely just the choral chorus performed by the Batukadeiras between songs. Maybe it's a hard vocal to replicate as Queen closes in on completing the fourth decade of her reign. But life in this kingdom has been so good, so benevolent, so safe, and so exciting, that I think we, her loyal subjects, can forgive her this one transgression, don't you girls?

  3. This is a heartbreaking elimination. And I will always hate her for cutting the performance from the Madame X Tour.
  4. Nov 1990-early 91 was an amazing time to be a Madonna stan. Especially in the UK - we got so many releases in such a short space of time it was like 1985 all over again:

    Justify My Love
    Crazy For You
    Rescue Me
    Holiday / The Holiday Collection

    I think a reissue of Into The Groove was even planned?

    I just wish Rescue Me had a video - making a tour montage video from a 4 year old tour was a choice.

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  5. A.. 3? For the vocals alone it’s at least an 8
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  7. Surprised by that one.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I've been a bit obsessed with Rescue Me lately and I realise I definitely underscored it, seems it's me who needs the rescuing.
  9. It’s sad seeing all my 10s go but being in the top 50 I also don’t mind so much.
  10. Ugh. Rescue Me. So powerful. She was serving vocals. I lament the fact we never got a tour performance with the Queen, Niki and Donna singing their hearts out.
  11. I believe in the POWER!

  12. The interlude on the Madame X tour was entirely just the spoken word verse, no chorus, over sounds of breathing. If it’d gone into the chorus, I feel like we would have all gone crazy
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  13. I lament the fact we never got an album full of songs like Vogue and Rescue Me.
  14. You can make a pretty great playlist from what we did get, tho...
    • Vogue (Single Version)
    • Express Yourself (Remix/Edit) - from U.S. Promo CD
    • Like A Prayer (7" Dance Edit) - from U.S. Promo CD
    • Rescue Me (Single Mix)
    • Deeper And Deeper (Album Version)
    • Fever (Edit One) - video version. Thanx to Shep Pettibone for being understanding.
    • Goodbye To Innocence - from the 'Just Say Roe' compilation
    • Thief Of Hearts
    • Words
    • Vogue (Bette Davis Dub)
    • Express Yourself (Shep's 'Spressin' Himself Re-Remix)
    • Like A Prayer (Instra Dub) - from U.S. promo 12"
    • Rescue Me (Lifeboat Vocal)
    • Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Deeper Dub)
    • Fever (Shep's Remedy Dub)
    • Up Down Suite
  15. I was hoping that "one of the big girls" would be "Rescue Me", so this is a good elimination.

    A generic early 90's dance-pop track with spoken parts and great lyrics doesn't warrant a score higher than a 7 from me. Sonically speaking, it sounds like if "Vogue" and "Justify My Love" were put in a blender, so it's not like it's essential, either.
    Sorry, but it should've gone at around #100 - it didn't deserve to climb so much at all.
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  17. Tell that to [REDACTED] Inst*nt
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  18. You have the most interesting takes...
  19. I thought Rescue Me had at least top 30 on lock, very surprised.
  20. My personal favourite line from Rescue Me is where she says "You see that I am silly, and pretentious, and a freak". When will your faves be so self-aware?

    Oh, that reminds me - I'm one of the 30 million purchasers of "The Immaculate Collection", but it was on cassette. I could really do with buying a CD copy at some point.
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