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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    SCORE: 8.521

    2015 PLACEMENT: NON-MOVER - 42 of 210 (8.27)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 42 (@RJF @nikkysan @Vasilios @cheida @eatyourself @discoteca @maverick_79 @tylerc904 @Remyky22 @Suburbia @soratami @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Andrew.L @elear @Andy French @torontodj @Fuchsia @NightmareBoy @Coochi @Hurricane Drunk @letuinmybackdoor @Robsolete @RetroPhysical @joeee @Xanax @aaronhansome @BEST FICTION @Lila @clowezra @KingBruno @eliminathan @Digital Ghost @acl @LTG @RainOnFire @Markus1981 @sexercise @Mr Blonde @Music Is Life @japanbonustrack @Weslicious @beyoncésweave)
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 (@happiestgirl)
    MY SCORE: 10/10

    A song all about how great a child is? BOOT.

    Kidding, of course! In a somewhat eerie turn of events, both "Hollywood" and "Intervention" bow out holding hands just as they did back in 2015. I do wonder how stuff like this happens with such a different pool of voters and a whole new album to contend with, but I guess that's just a magic of a rate. "Intervention" is the first of American Life's ballad trio core to go down also, which might be notable. We'll see, I guess.

    I said it back when "Little Star" was eliminated, but Lola must be a biT pressed at the fact that she got that fairly insipid tribute to her wee baby toes or whatever while Rocco gets this in his honour, an absolutely soaring love song about sweeping someone up in your love and shielding them from the horrors of the world, while also wanting to show them all the amazing things out there as well. I've always taken the intervention referenced in the title as Madonna putting herself between her son and everything that could possibly hurt him, rather than an active event or something as simple as love saving the day. Madonna knows that love isn't always enough to save the day; but it can give her the strength to save the day; to swoop in and carry him up and away from all the evil that threatens him, and fly. Past pain, past fear, past strife. Nothing fails. If there was one thing that Madonna really nailed across American Life, despite the bluster of its introduction to us, it was warmth. It was something that she had always been good at, but had deliberately tempered because she had a facade to maintain. Here, we get some of her most candid confessions, and it turns out they're actually the most humanising thing of all. "Intervention" is simply all about a mother's love for her son, and on the forum full of queers whose mothers were most likely their first Good Judy, I'm not surprised at how far it has come.

    "Intervention" was briefly mashed up with "Mother And Father" on tour, which isn't really that surprising considering how they compliment each other in terms of subject matter. However, the definitive performance of "Intervention" lies in the absolute head twister that was the entire Tears Of A Clown experience. During the Rebel Heart Tour, Rocco took the opportunity of the tour's London dates to... run away. Still classed as a minor and still under Madonna's custody, he had fled to his father, Guy Ritchie, reportedly unhappy with the lifestyle he had with his mother. I also remember around the time that Rocco had a private Instagram that fans discovered and thought was entirely okay to contact a fifteen year old boy on, which was a fucking mess. But the show must go on; a custody battle started, Madonna continued on tour, and left Rocco with his father.

    Sons break their mother's hearts; it is known. And that doesn't get any clearer than during "Intervention" on Tears Of A Clown, dedicated to Rocco, where Madonna sits caked in six layers of clown make up and sings this deep cut a few keys lower than it was originally recorded, making it sound even more fragile and sad. There's a bit before she starts singing where she explains she doesn't know when she's going to see her son again, and the crowd attempts to buoy her with cheering, but... you can just see in her face it means absolutely nothing, and she'd trade it in a heartbeat to have him there. She's so sad. The entire thing is... art. Fantasy and reality bleeding together; art-pop. Only Madonna would put her desolation behind a red nose and on a tiny, tiny bicycle and parade it on stage for a couple hundred drunk Australians to witness.

    I hope their relationship is better these days, at least.

  2. One half of my evil plan has come to fruition!
  3. Intervention is...staggering. One of her finest moments.
  4. A true 11 contender for me. My favorite Madonna album track.
  5. Ugh, "Intervention" is my second favourite album track from "American Life" and it deserved to reach top 20 out of what's left. I was just listening to the album today and it's such a beautiful song - her tone and melody, along with the lyrics and instrumental, are so delicate and create a rather gorgeous atmosphere.
    There's something very "evergreen" about it that I adore, too (maybe I underscored it with a 9).

    Having yet another non-mover is impressive, though.
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  6. The vocals throughout "Intervention" are gorgeous, especially when she harmonises with herself. But something in the way the higher harmony vocals were mixed makes them ultra grating in headphones.
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  7. The "American Life" melodies are everything but forgettable. On the contrary, that album houses some of her most consistent, memorable and beautiful melodies.
    Though I think "Bedtime Stories" is where her melodies are at their peak, but also one or two duller moments are found on it ("I'd Rather Be Your Lover" is the biggest example of that).

    The dull melodies are found on her debut and a portion of "Like a Virgin".
    (I'm excluding "Erotica" from this talk because you would chase me with an axe if I said what I meant about it on this topic)
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  8. Intervention is the only saving grace of American life for me. I like the live version of Nobody knows me though but the rest I really don't get at all.
  9. Intervention on Tears of a Clown is legitimately so sad that it’s painful to re-watch it.
  10. The Intervention\Mother and Father performance is one of my all time favorites from her. It's just flawless.
  11. Intervention is probably the best song on American Life and I think we failed here.
  12. - me reading all these posts dragging American Life in the last two pages
  13. I’ve always preferred X-Static Process, something about that song really gives me the feels.
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  14. RJF


    Are the girls... ready?
  15. To... "Jump"?
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Better fucking not be another American Life cut

  18. I don't want anything else from American Life to go until the top 25.
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