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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Apart from "Erotica" (that one should reach top 15), I more or less agree with the rest.

    I think "Beautiful Stranger" is going to leave next, but this rate has been very unpredictable at parts, so who knows...
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  2. I made my ideal Top10 from the remaining songs and only one belongs to the pre-Ray of Light releases. The competition is tight. I'd cut a couple of 80s songs and The Power Of Good-Bye now teebs.
  3. RJF



    SCORE: 8.703

    2015 PLACEMENT: UP 22 - 56 of 210 (7.968)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 58 (@Tigerlily @aux @cheida @No hay banda @dodoriazarbon @eatyourself @discoteca @Sprockrooster @tylerc904 @sfmartin @2014 @JMRGBY @AllGagaLike @Suburbia @matthew. @soratami @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Andrew.L @Mjg0806 @relby @elear @Up Down Suite @torontodj @1991 @NightmareBoy @FridayNight @Modeblock @Coochi @DominoDancing @muddleddreams @scottdisick94 @Drew @Sideout @unnameable @Zdarlight @joeee @Xanax @DinahLee @aaronhansome @Bleu Noir @Miss Lange @Michael17 @Crisp X @Mister_G @Pop Life @K94 @clowezra @wintersleep @Remorque @Digital Ghost @ufint @Verandi @Markus1981 @Mr Blonde @Music Is Life @FrozenNight @fancygreen @Bangers&Bops)
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 (@Aester)
    MY SCORE: 7.5/10

    Ray Of Light was the beginning of Madonna's second Imperial Phase. I mean, it's not like she had fallen from grace massively; when you look back on both Erotica and Bedtime Stories, she was still managing to bag hits and sell millions of albums, but there was a sense that the zeitgeist was leaving her behind before she yanked it back into her grasp by its pigtails in the middle of a desert in her best witch drag. So once again she was the biggest popstar in the world. But... it wasn't the funnest of albums and eras and subject matters overall, was it? I mean sure, it sold nearly twenty million copies worldwide, but the easy, breezy pop bops that Madonna had spent the first decade of her career specialising in: where were they?

    "Beautiful Stranger" was the return of top-of-the-world FUN Madonna. It's a cheery, cheeky, giddy, easy pop song that burst the pomp of the previous era marvellously and allowed her to let loose for first time in a while. Charged with creating a song that would be at least a little befitting of the 60s theme of *sigh* Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, a franchise that honestly seems so utterly forgotten and abandoned twenty years later despite how successful it was at the time, William Orbit creates a soundscape that's still similar to what he was doing on Ray Of Light, but drapes everything in drowsy, reverberating, surf-pop guitars that make it sound contemporary, classic, and timeless all at the same time. Madonna also sounds phenomenal, because this is a setting she's brilliant in, and has been missed in, and plays the besotted minx wonderfully. It's just a joy of a pop song to listen to because... it's so nice? The delirious tumble of falling into the arms of a charming stranger is rendered so beautifully here. "To know you is to love you." is one of Madonna's sweetest lyrics, along with "I looked into your eyes, and my world came tumbling down." It's just a great showing all round. I should have scored it higher.

    Apparently getting chosen as the promotion single for the soundtrack was a big deal at the time? Although by the looks of Wikipedia, they followed it up with cover tracks by Mel B and Lenny Kravitz so I don't imagine the rush for lead single was that tight. I think I maybe speak for a lot of 90s kids when I say that it was our first real taste of Madonna in this environment. I remember the video playing on The Box in 1999 all the damn time that summer. So I'm not particularly surprised that this has performed far better than it did back in 2015 with, perhaps, a lot of newer fans in the mix.

    The video is basically Madonna fucking around with Mike Myers for four minutes, along with Austin Powers-related fuckery that has aged terribly, outside of Madonna being saucy at the end. The song was then performed during Drowned World, and has popped up sporadically over the years since.

  4. RJF



    Into The Groove

    Papa Don't Preach
    Open Your Heart
    Live To Tell
    La Isla Bonita

    Like A Prayer
    Express Yourself
    Till Death Do Us Part
    Oh Father


    Justify My Love

    Deeper And Deeper

    Human Nature
    Bedtime Story

    Drowned World/Substitute For Love
    Ray Of Light
    Nothing Really Matters
    Sky Fits Heaven
    The Power Of Goodbye

    Don't Tell Me

    Nothing Fails
    Die Another Day

    Hung Up
    Get Together

    God Control​
  5. This is like the 5th time I'm quoting this post, forgive me.
  6. @Maki's application for Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends Network
  7. I honestly don't get why I don't like Jump. On paper, it's the sort of song I should love. But it's never done anything for me, I just find the melody so... there. Despite the subject matter it all feels very dull with very little to excite me.
  8. Very happy with these cuts, both are good songs but they were outlasting much, much better ones at this stage.

    Nothing left I scored below a 9, amazing. That being said, Oh Father, Secret, Bedtime Story and The Power of Good-Bye would be my next cuts, everything else I gave full marks to.

    I gave Borderline a 9 too but I'm regretting that decision after hearing that amazing extended mix that @RJF provided us in the Top 40 playlist, so I'm happy with it staying for a little while longer.
  9. I adore Beautiful Stranger, mostly because it’s one of the first Madonna songs I heard but also because it’s just so... sweet.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. RJF


    You probably haven't jumped in some time given the state of your knees.
  12. R27


    I now only have one sub-8 scoring song I believe!
  13. r u kidn
  14. Not calling for anything in particular, but we don't really need seven songs from 'Ray Of Light' at this point of the rate.

  15. Although I am thrilled that my almost-11 "Skin" is still hanging in there!
  16. Oh I like these interpretations. It makes sense, Madonna has used lots of those ironic/turn-something-on-its-head metaphors. I've always loved her music but with these writeups and commentary I'm realizing how clever and funny she is as a lyricist, like with this:

    Anyway, looking at what's left, it's such a strong catalogue! Almost every song is great (I'm looking at you, Sorry!), I can't really be too mad about anything leaving at this point. Although, if I could pick, I'd give Ray of Light a little trim.
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  17. Beautiful Stranger is that carefree massive bop that I find is sometimes forgotten about when looking at Madge's turn of the century works.
    It always goes off, it's a classic, she could have performed it more.
  18. You call for every song, a stopped clock is still right twice a day.
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  19. Beautiful Stranger was the perfect song to fill the gap between the serious Ray Of Light era and the ridiculously fun Music single. Madonna could do no wrong at this stage in her career and it was a great time to be a Madonna fan.
    The video has not aged a lot in my opinion. I love the vibrant colours and Madonna has never looked better. It‘s a very deserving 10 and I‘m happy with its high average score of 8.7.
  20. Beautiful Stranger could have easily fit on Ray of Light. Phenomenal.

    OMG. NOT all of our big Queens getting wrapped up in that Austin Powers MESS.

    Madonna, Beyoncé AND Britney. Dark-sided.
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