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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    nn I know; Sunday absent mindedness.
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    The beginning is the end.


    SCORE: 8.761

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 9 - 24 of 210 (8.682)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 55 (@Andreas @Vasilios @Raichu @No hay banda @eatyourself @Dangerous Maknae @maverick_79 @tylerc904 @Doenjang @OSHi @Angeleyes @2014 @DJHazey @Remyky22 @Cutlery @matthew. @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Babyface @Andrew.L @Mjg0806 @Jonathan27 @Andy French @fatyoshi @WoW73 @torontodj @theelusivechanteuse @1991 @Joe. @Babylon @Syzygyz @Dreampopboy @Modeblock @Coochi @Drew @RetroPhysical @joeee @TrueBeliever @Bleu Noir @phoenix123 @Lila @Pop Life @clowezra @wintersleep @Remorque @ufint @Ramalama @sexercise @happiestgirl @Chezam @fancygreen @Bangers&Bops @Beautiful Child 2 @tommylander @Push @beyoncésweave)
    LOWEST SCORE: 5 x 1 (@Tigerlily)
    MY SCORE: 8.5/10

    Funny how the lowest scores are getting higher, isn't it?

    It's funny how a song that sounds so sweet and unassuming would be the beginning of the Madonna deluge in the 80s. "Borderline" was the first time Madonna hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, coming in at... No.10. A borderline Top 10, one might say. Nevertheless, it was the crack in the dam, and the flood followed shortly afterwards. Every single she released after that for the rest of the decade would go Top 5, which is just insane to think about. I'm not sure if there will ever be another female popstar with that kind of power again.

    The origin stories are all starting to bleed together for the debut's tracks at this point, I feel, but we all know the gist. Danceteria, DJ Mark Kamin, Reggie Lucas, Jellybean, and record label executives all probably in the mix at some point with their weirdly of-the-time sexist comments about being shocked at how candid and confident and in control Madonna was. I say that with no ill will (it's just... how it was at the time, wrongly, but still) but y'all get what I mean; Madonna was perpetually underestimated and misunderstood not just as a creative force despite writing most of the album herself, but as a creature of ambition as well. What it feels like for a girl. So I think "Borderline" is a great, symbolic First Hit; a song that is dressed up in a candy floss melody but all about staunchly stating that you demand and deserve to be treated a certain way, even if you're wearing eighteen bangles and a stupid hat. And isn't it funny that that was actually a fairly controversial stance to take?

    It's difficult to maintain perspective sometimes. I spoke about this when "I Rise" was eliminated a while back, but progress, more often than not, happens incrementally, and despite living in an age where everything happens fast, that remains frustratingly true. However, it's important to keep perspective and remember that it does happen. Reading up on the genesis of Madonna's career and it's incredible to see so many anecdotes and quotes from the people who were around at the time that just wouldn't fly now. Skimming Wikipedia articles and finding things that are so standard and accepted now were actually a taboo at the time that Madonna smashed. Even just her appearing on the scene singing these unrepentantly powerful pop songs with all that punk-rock energy was outrageous at the time when these days a little bit of attitude is standard. "Borderline" even has its fair share of these controversies despite it sounding anything other than that. Madonna appearing as one half of an interracial couple was seen as controversial. Mary Lambert using both colour and monochrome footage in the video and juxtaposing them was a move that people couldn't get their head around and it's like... okay, work.

    My point is that we get so used to the wave that we no longer remember what the initial splash looks like, and in terms of Madonna's career, her first dive into the water is one that still stands up to this day with some of her bigger, bolder tracks. The debut manages to capture everything about the girl who turned up in New York looking for fame and fortune, and promise enough about the woman she would become afterwards. It's a grubby, scrappy, endearing, fizzing pulse of tenacity and vibrance. So many artists end up with debuts they hate; Madonna has one that she can be proud of for eternity. The foundations that kingdom's castle was built upon, and it stands tall to this day.

    "Borderline" was performed on The Virgin Tour and Sticky & Sweet in terms of main setlist appearances, with cute cameos across the last four decades since. The Kimmel performance really has just a little bit of magic in it. Enjoy!

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    Am fucking fuming
  4. Woke up Canadian time to @Maki and @JMRGBY's Dynasty-style banter, then @Andrew.L's fabulous post that directly references Dynasty. And then @Robsolete's brilliant response to @RJF.

    Whew. This thread is like the best kind of whiplash.

  5. Die Another Day higher than Borderline?!

    @ ya'll!
  6. I really hope Borderline didn't leave this early because of the (wrongly put) extended mix as part of the debut on Spotify.
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  7. upload_2020-9-13_18-3-38.gif
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  8. Borderline is the best song from her pre-True Blue eras and it has one of the best intros ever.
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    Official press release: I did not call @Robsolete old.

    I called her a whoreAWHORE.
  10. Borderline - the song and video - are exactly why Madonna became the biggest pop star in the world.

    It's all there.

    Shame that it didn't make it to Top 10. A classic.
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  11. I genuinely thought Borderline was a dead cert for the top 20 but obviously not ddd.
  12. I have them both a 10, and now I...
  13. Oh, in that case you were absolutely right.

  14. Wow yeh Borderline should probably be top 10.
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  15. Madonna is adorable in the Borderline video.
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  16. I’m...okay with Borderline leaving.
  17. I don't have any strong feelings towards "Borderline" and therefore am not bothered by its elimination. It's a very good 80's pop song and the best single from her debut, but I don't hear anything too special about it.
    A bit surprised I haven't heard it before this rate, considering it was Madonna's first bigger hit.

    And I didn't expect "God Control" to outlast "Borderline", though both git the same score from me.

    Edit: On my gosh, @JMRGBY and I agree about something!
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  18. Borderline deserved just a little bit better girlies.
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