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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    So here we arrive at Madonna's finest ever meditation of the male authority figures in her life.

    At the 2009 VMAs, Madonna was making a speech about something when she said that when you don't get to have something, you eventually become obsessed by it. It's always stuck with me when I've thought about her personal life. Her mother died when she was very young, and the grief essentially hollowed her father out and left nothing but a husk of the man she knew. In her eyes, she lost two parents, and was alone. I think Madonna has been someone who has craved a big family of her own that she can make impregnable. Build a fortress around, dig out a moat, make sure nothing ever comes close to inflicting the pain she went through. I think absence of certain things made her seek substitutes for them, and sometimes she wasn't all that successful. In the absence of a father, she sought men who she felt could look after her, but how she identified these men as being worthy was, perhaps, by identifying the negative crossover traits they shared with the father she felt she had lost. And thus the cycle of toxic relationships continues. Sigmund Freud analyse that.

    "Oh Father" sees her at the crest of realising all this, I think. I have no idea what Madonna's home life was like after her mother died. By her account, she felt like her father vanished, and her stepmom was hard on her too. So I have no idea if "Oh Father" is a case of artistic licence in the name of working through your issues, or an accurate account. However, the gist of it obviously is that: her father was not nice to be around eventually, things got hard, and trauma was inflicted that evidently lasted decades. By the middle-eight, Madonna seems to have settled on a fairly adult reading of the situation: that, yes, it was unfair that she had to go through that as a child, her father also lost her mother, and hadn't intended to become so contorted by grief that he was recognisable for most of her childhood after that. There's even that weird little middle-eight coda that, structurally, is such a left field moment, it seems like Madonna is still processing all these revelations mid-song before remembering she's got a chorus to sing. And what a chorus. "Oh Father" is one of Madonna's finest, grandest, most delicate ballads ever. No one really emotes like her, do they? Queen has never been the kind of girl who is serving whistle notes, but who needs it when you're giving such heartwrenching performances like this? Patrick Leonard builds a bulletproof melody for Madonna to inhabit and live her lyrics in. What better way to vow that no one will ever hurt you ever again than doing it from within a fortress of music? Dig out a moat, make sure nothing ever comes close to inflicting the pain she went through.

    And we've not even touched the fact that David Fincher once again serves a masterpiece of a video for a masterpiece of a song, which is a mind melter in the subjects it touches so deftly and so well. The way a priest is in the room when the mother dies in the video. Does it represent Madonna's rapidly growing disdain for the Catholic Church, which she would go on to solidify on the most important pop tour of all time? Is "Oh Father" actually about God? The scene in the middle where she's assaulted as an adult by the father in the video. Is the song actually about the collapse of her own marriage? Fathers, lovers, and gods all reckoned with in one song. I can't. The snowy cemetery, the singing angel statues, and the absolute macabre of lips sewn shut at the mother's funeral, something that was based on Madonna's own memories and still makes me flinch on every watch. Jesus Christ.

    It's just one of her best packages, easily. Enjoy the outstanding video below, along with its sole tour outing, where it acts as a coda to "Live To Tell". Madonna has said that she feels both of these songs are two halves of a whole. But... we'll get to that eventually. I've also included Sia's touching cover of it that appeared on We Are Born. You know, before she became a howling irritant.

  8. ,dmbmz/fslnkajksd omg.
  9. These songs should be 9+ averages already girls.
  10. Is 'Oh Father' the shocking track, or is that still to come?!
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  11. Also, yes, Oh Father is magnificent. I get goosebumps every single time it transitions from the tinny outro strings of Dear Jessie to the sweeping piano and orchestral intro. "You can't make me cry" is an ironic line because I've never been able to listen to the song without getting at least misty
  12. I do wish I’d given it a 10. So good.
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  13. "Oh Father" is the best song about parental neglect ever, with John Lennon's "Mother" a distant second.
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    I see some of you have functioning relationships with your fathers....couldn’t be me!
  15. Oh Father is top 15 material, it's a masterpiece.
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  16. You can't make me cry...

    I didn't really discover Oh Father until I got Something To Remember on cd, and then I became obsessed. It's just astonishingly sad, epic, and yet slightly playful in it's lyrics as they switch between Father as a relation, and the Father figure in the Catholic church, with the kneeling and praying.
    The middle-8 is one of Madge's greatest sucker punches, and I really see the sing as the yin to Dear Jessie's yang, representing two completely different sides of a (her?) childhood.
  17. Like A Prayer as a whole hasn’t gotten a fair shake this whole rate.
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  18. fucks sake
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  19. Oh Father is in my Madonna top five.
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