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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  2. God?!
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    (I almost can't believe this was an actual headline but then I remember it's The Sun. dd)
  5. Me if any ‘90s songs leave tonight.

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    Whew the Steps presence on the forum just WON'T let up xxx
  7. She genuinely looks like my Year One teacher giving a speech at church on Remembrance Day.
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    SCORE: 9.139

    2015 PLACEMENT: DOWN 2 - 20 of 210 (8.829)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 74 (@nikkysan @AshtrayHeart @funkyg @Tigerlily @aux @cheida @Jwentz @P'NutButter @eatyourself @HEARTCORE @djmakemewet @discoteca @Euphoria @Doenjang @rav4boy @Remyky22 @Suburbia @matthew. @soratami @GimmeWork @Babyface @dylanaber @Mjg0806 @Jonathan27 @elear @Ana Raquel @Andy French @fatyoshi @Up Down Suite @theelusivechanteuse @1991 @Joe. @Aester @Syzygyz @Dreampopboy @BreatheBox @Modeblock @DominoDancing @Hurricane Drunk @muddleddreams @Robsolete @Fortune @RetroPhysical @citoig @joeee @Xanax @VeryPSB @TrueBeliever @aaronhansome @Jimmyandroid @BEST FICTION @Miss Lange @Michael17 @Sleepycat @phoenix123 @Lila @Pop Life @K94 @clowezra @Rogue @evilsin @TheChoirgirlHotel @Remorque @Trinu 3.0 @acl @ufint @Mikl C @M24 @nametag @Holly Something @sexercise @Mr Blonde @Music Is Life @Touchofmyhand)
    LOWEST SCORE: 5.5 x 1 (@gezza76)
    MY SCORE: 8/10

    Well, in what is a turn up for 2015, "Human Nature" falls before "Secret", leaving the latter as your favourite track from Bedtimes Stories in 2020. But really, look at what we're dealing with here.

    It's funny that on Thursday night, we eliminated "Justify My Love" and now we're eliminating "Human Nature" next, as I feel they're both bookends to the entire Erotica furore, where one signalled the turn into everything that would cause such controversy, and the other, in typical Madonna fashion, is her getting the last word on the matter. And her last word? Unrepentant, sarcastic, acerbic, scornful, and contemptuous.


    All the frustrations that Madonna spoke about in that Nightlight interview in the last elimination, by 1994, had increased tenfold. We'll get into Erotica's impact later in the rate (because we honestly have so much left to cover despite the fact we've eliminated over two hundred songs) but it essentially allowed those critical of Madonna to have their criticisms crystallise, but in a skewed way. It's something she even broaches in the second verse of this track when she mentions people taking her words and using them to lay traps for fools. People were selective in how they processed what she was doing, and how they presented it. Articles of outrage would be written about her selling porn but with none of the rather exposing and informative forward that preceded the SEX book. And this was a pattern; never in her life has Madonna preached reckless behaviour. She spoke, sang, and performed about sex while shining a light on how to engage in it safely. It was never... lewd, or perverse. Frustration poured out of her like a broken nuclear reactor in meltdown. The origins of my avatar are a perfect example of her being pissed at the establishment, and caustic as a consequence. We have the sassy GIFs of her with the cigar, but the David Letterman interview overall is toe curling to watch. She isn't in the mood; she's there to air grievances, and David is a fucking middle aged white man hosting his own talk show in the 90s and annoyed that a female guest is riding roughshod over him. It's two people grinding their teeth at one another, and it has none of the spark that we all see when Madonna is properly engaged during an interview.

    So this is what "Human Nature" is about: it's essentially a bubble for Madonna to air her valid problems with how she had been treated over the last four years, while holding an unforgiving mirror to society in the process, while also letting people know that she doesn't regret a single second of her behaviour. Which is kind of big. We always see artists backtrack or try to explain away behaviour that landed them in hot water. Madonna's response was to tell people that it was their fucking problem, and... it was? The whispered sections of "Human Nature" remain relevant to this day in terms of how she is treated, but the lyric that has aged the best is easily, "Did I stay too long?" which is kind of mind-blowing; to think that even over twenty-five years ago, there were people think she had lasted too long in this industry and it was time for her to be thrown into the scrapheap. But Madonna doesn't decompose. Girls, the alloy Madonna is made of doesn't even rust.

    Song's a bop, also. It fits seamlessly into Bedtime Stories while still managing to be a classic Madonna statement. I must admit, my rather modest score is more a reflection on how I feel I remember it more as a statement rather than a song, but I think it deliberately makes that trade off. She had something to say, and knew exactly how she was going to say it. Although how it was cleared as single, I'll never know. Maybe the girls at Warner were in the mood for a biT of controversy after a relatively quiet era.

    Needless to say, I think it's probably one of Madonna's personal favourites from her own discography. It was performed on Drowned World, Sticky & Sweet, MDNA, and Madame X Tours. A Madonna stan even featured during select Sticky & Sweet performances, which I have posted below. It also received a marvellous video where Madonna once again flirts with everything that got her into trouble in the previous years; namely having many faces close to her pussy. There's also speculation that the scene where she has a girl trussed up on the bar is a dig at Bjork, who, as we established, was weird as hell as about writing a song for Madonna and... Madonna performing it. Anyway, y'all can discuss that while I work on the next elimination, and reveal our Top 20...

  9. Oh... "Human Nature" deserved top 20 at least, or even top 10 given which songs are still in. I regret giving it 'only' a 9, since it's such a perfect middle finger moment after the criticism surrounding "Erotica".

    At least I'm glad to see "Secret" being considered the best single and song from "Bedtime Stories" - as it should be.
  10. Human Nature - 9.5. This song is effortlessly cool and seductive. Great imagery in the video of the dancers being trapped inside their own little boxes at first, but then all just getting together in the same box at the end.
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  11. Human Nature is one of my favourite Madonna videos. Mainly because of the obvious aesthetic influence of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman on the outfits.

  12. R27


    Well this is just wrong.
  13. I’m...okay with Human Nature leaving. A fantastic song but I just prefer others that are left.
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  14. Um Human Nature not outlasting Secret is madness luv.
  15. Secret > Human Nature.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I’m fine with this leaving before the Top 20, I love that Secret outlasted it. They’re both memorable songs, but Secret has grown on me over the years.
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    That average before we even got to the top 20..
    But it feels very right.. like Human Nature is definitely a 9+ but she got many of those
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  19. Secret being the highest Bedtime Stories track is bizarre.
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  20. It's been my favourite single from Bedtime Stories ever since I bought the album from Cash Converters in 1998.

    and one of the blokes in the video is so fucking hot.
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