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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I gave 'Erotica' 6 and I'm glad I'm not the lowest scorer, because that song has a lot of fans!
  2. Nothing Really Matters is the only eye brow raiser left to me. I like it. Its a very good song, it has a good video. But it's not top 20 Madonna.
  3. They're both beautiful songs but Nothing Fails and Nothing Really Matters should be the first two eliminations inside the Top 20.
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  4. It feels like the Like A Prayer album has slipped from the great graces a tad, to the very good, and from this song's position last time, I'd not surprised it's here at the gates.
    I love it, it's message, it's length and like so many songs on here, it makes me so bloody happy.
    The video (best) version of Experess Yourself not being available anywhere has always not helped the song, and they of course totally missed a beat not to get it out for it's 30 anniversary.
    The video it's self is utterly utterly iconic, I mean, the power of her, and that neck length cut is highly underrated amongst the dystopian fantasy.
    C'mon girls, do you believe in love?

    Anyhow, out of the Top 20, Papa Don't Preach, Live To Tell, Erotica, Secret and Ray Of Light are all 9's on my score, and the rest are all 10's or a 11, so those five can leave next, and thankyou.
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  5. upload_2020-9-21_9-7-20.gif
  6. "Human Nature" was almost, almost my 11. I'll be surprised if I prefer the actual top three to those 23-21 eliminations.

    Next please:
    Also I love "Don't Tell Me" but it's not a definitive Madonna classic in the way that... well, "Express Yourself", "Human Nature' and "Justify My Love" are. What a woman!!!!
  7. I think that...despite the countless weeks of my life I’ve spent watching/thinking about Madonna performances... Express Yourself opening the Blonde Ambition Tour is and will always be the definitive Madonna live performance. It’s the one you’d use to show people what she’s about.

    An incredible song and video.
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  8. This is an interesting take because the thing that stood out to me about this song is how she tasks women to get men to express themselves, not a simple female empowerment anthem aimed at women's self expression. It was this subversive take that made the song so compelling. Women can express themselves fine. They're used to it. It's men that need to do it.

    The fact that relationships will be so much more fulfilling and gratifying for both if men let go of their strict, uptight gender roles and express themselves. Make the man pull his weight emotionally (and physically), show you and prove to you that he cares or walk away.

    And this way I've always actually liked how in the video you are presented with all these rippling, sweaty, big strong men working hard when she's actually saying, men are weak and it's women that do the heavy lifting in the relationship and men actually need to start pulling their weight by expressing themselves.

    Because of this Justify My Love matches so perfectly because she's once again tasking men to express themselves for the pleasure of women, albeit this time sexually. In fact it's a theme of so many of her tracks, "go down" in Where Life Begins. She always says to women, you deserve more, there's more pleasure out there to be had. However this isn't a task for yourself, get your man up off that couch, get him to tell you what's he's feeling, let you in on some of those desires, you tell him yours and have some fun. Most important of all, make sure he goes down on you.
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  9. Nothing Really Matters, La Isla Bonita and The Power Of Good-Bye should just leave teebs.
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  10. Nothing Really Matters is the Jackie Cox of this rate.
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  11. Of course Blond Ambition is pinnacle Express Yourself, but Girlie Show is also a fucking stormer. The disco sheen it's given is glorious and the extra bits of backing vocals... wig. I wish she didn't have the original studio vocal playing along with her, because you can hear her live vocal clearly and she is SINGING.
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  12. The Power Of Goodbye and Rain in the top 20. I did not see that coming. Music, Justify My Love and/or Express Yourself should have outlasted them but whatever, they have an average of 9 and that’s a great result.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Rise up Raindrops!

  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Those cuts were never going to go top 10 so the dramatics seem....dramatic. La Isla Bonita, Secret and Nothing Fails are my clear least favourite 3 left so they can go asap.
  15. LTG


    Ddd I don't have anything less than a 9.5 left, so that's Nothing Really Matters, Papa Don't Preach, Live to Tell, La Isla Bonita and Erotica to go before it's all 10s and 11.
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  16. My lowest remaining scores are for:
    Don't Tell Me
    Drowned World / Substitute for Love
    Get Together*

    Everything else is in the 8+ region and I hope at least one of the aforementioned songs leaves before we reach the top 15.

    *In hindsight, I underscored it, but it's still weaker than most of the songs left.
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  17. STRIKE. A. POSE.

  18. You're right. It's top 3 Madonna.
  19. The fact that she didn’t include Nothing Really Matters in the geisha section on the Drowned World Tour but included Nobody’s Perfect...

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  20. The fact that Nothing Really Matters got one promo performance and then has literally been forgotten about since is quite frankly homophobic.
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