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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. If for no other reason, "Nothing Really Matters" is significant as it's the final studio recording by Madonna to feature Niki and Donna, and their only appearance on 'Ray Of Light'.

    Actually, I believe they appear on just five post-'Erotica' studio recordings with Madonna.

    Prior to "Nothing Really Matters" they heavily featured on dance remixes of two 'Evita' songs: "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" (for which Madonna re-recorded her lead vocals) and "Buenos Aires" (for which she did not).

    They also made a single appearance on 'Bedtime Stories' for album opener "Survival", and I believe they contributed uncredited vocals to the soundtrack single "I'll Remember" earlier that same year (backing vox sound identical to those on "Survival").

    I want a reunion!

  2. While part of me thinks that Niki and Donna wouldn't have worked/added to much of Music, American Life or Confessions on record, I think they would have brought a much needed warmth to Hard Candy onwards.
  3. Nothing Really Matters was a contender for my 11 with another 37387 songs. It used to be a really huge fave (I think when I attended the "Madame X Crave Apple Laboratory", the guide asked us our favorite Madonna song and I probably said NRM because yes that rush of anxiety from "wait did he just ask my favorite?? My favorite Madonna record?? fuck??).

    After my initial Madonna-Frenzy I think I realized that it was a great song, a really well constructed bop, but it wasn't really THAT deep as I thought.

    But, still, even if the subject is not that deep and a bit too "John Lennon Peace Imagine!!", THAT production really elevates the whole song. It feels like a perfect blend of ~spirital but very much ~physical with the beat. That random piano breakdown in the middle that sounds like falling down stairs? I felt that. And I wish I could articulate it better but that's how Madonna makes me feel. Disjointed. After falling down some stairs. dd.
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  4. Nothing Fails really needs to go. Beautiful song but a tad overrated in Madonna fandom.
  5. i. Open Your Heart to me, baby
    I hold the lock and you hold the key

    ii. You're frozen
    When your heart's not open
    Mm, if I could melt your heart
    Mm, we'd never be apart
    Mm, give yourself to me
    Mm, you hold the key

    iii. Your heart is not open, so I must go.
    The spell has been broken, I loved you so.


    The way all three chapters of the tale are in the top 20...
  6. RJF


    I present to you...

    ...the gag of the rate.



    SCORE: 9.215

    11 x 6

    @Music Is Life

    2015 PLACEMENT - DOWN 10!!! - 8 of 210 (9.309)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 84 (@RJF @nikkysan @funkyg @aux @cheida @Butterfly @No hay banda @P'NutButter @eatyourself @maverick_79 @tylerc904 @OSHi @JMRGBY @Remyky22 @Cutlery @Suburbia @matthew. @soratami @GimmeWork @Endothelium @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Andrew.L @Mjg0806 @Jonathan27 @elear @paullypaul @Andy French @Up Down Suite @godspeed @torontodj @Joe. @Babylon @Syzygyz @Dreampopboy @Coochi @Hurricane Drunk @muddleddreams @scottdisick94 @Drew @Robsolete @Fortune @Sideout @RetroPhysical @joeee @Xanax @aaronhansome @Bleu Noir @Jimmyandroid @Candy Perfume Girl @paperboyfriendd @joe_alouder @Miss Lange @BTG @Crisp X @Epic Chocolat @Sleepycat @phoenix123 @Lila @K94 @clowezra @Filippa @Rogue @wintersleep @evilsin @KingBruno @eliminathan @Remorque @Digital Ghost @Trinu 3.0 @acl @LTG @Verandi @nametag @Mvnl @sexercise @Mr Blonde @FrozenNight @japanbonustrack @fancygreen @Weslicious @Beautiful Child 2 @tommylander @Touchofmyhand @beyoncésweave)
    LOWEST SCORE: 5 x 1 (@happiestgirl)
    MY SCORE: 10/10

    Well. Who saw this coming? After making it to the Top 50 as the most intact album, steam just seemed to run out for American Life ten spots later. Do y'all remember aaaages ago during the voting period where I gave you some leaderboard tea about me being surprised that something wasn't in the Top 25? That was American Life in its entirety. It had no representation in the Top 25. "Nothing Fails" couldn't get any higher than #26 for the first ninety or so voters. It was only in the last three days where support (and a flurry of 11/10s) allowed it to finally climb into the Top 25 and Top 20, but... yeah. It tumbles a huge (huge for this stage in the rate at least) ten spots after placing in the Top 10 in 2015 and making it to the Top 2 of the 21st Century Rate with "Hung Up". What went wrong, I wonder. We'll get into it later.

    "Nothing Fails" originally started life as a song called "Silly Thing" by Guy Sigworth and Jem "Jem" Griffiths, who originally came to my attention when I heard the bop that is "They" way back in the day. Guy Sigworth had originally written it about his wife, but when Madonna comes huffing and puffing and ready to blown your house down for your demo, you just slide it under the door and hope she cuts you a cheque. And that's kind of what happened. The song was played for Madonna, who adored it, and absorbed it into her album sessions, making a couple of changes in the process. You can hear those changes in the demo that Sigworth released years later, which I've posted below. Her changes basically amount to a few lyrical changes in the second verse, and of course, how the song ends.

    The song was also a single but also kind of not. Thrown out with little to no ceremony after the first two singles from the album relatively bombed, it really got nothing outside of a couple remixes, one of the worst single covers of Madonna's career, and a bizarre remix EP that was eventually bulldozed for "Love Profusion". It kind of falls between the sofa cushions in terms of Madonna's singles discography. Which is extremely unfair, because wow.

    "It was either going to be Nothing Fails or Get Together, but knowing how well Get Together will fare on this rate without my extra support I thought it’d be better to give my 11 to this one dd. But yeah, if Get Together is quintessential Madonna dance song - then Nothing Fails is the best ballad she ever made. The way everything just builds up to the brim and exploding with Like A Prayer choir… It’s a storm of a song, one that’ll leave you utterly emotionally destroyed, one that’s going to make you want to pray that you’ll survive through it. Her vocal on this song is just fucking breathtaking. The longing, the pain, the euphoria. She really has it all, whew." - @Doenjang

    It's the simplicity of the phrase that always gets me with this track. Nothing fails. What a thought, huh? A situation where absolutely everything goes right and everyone's happy and there's no hurt and pain. Love that is like that contrast dye they inject into people getting MRI scans and illuminates every single space inside of you. What "Nothing Fails" manages to convey so brilliantly is when that feeling kind of sneaks up on you; where you've been so happy and having such a good time that you don't even realise you've been in love for ages and it's something that's now so achingly familiar and easy. Where the confession is quiet, low-key, and safe because you know it'll be requited. No more fears. The use of a term of endearment is just the cherry on the cake, even if I doubt Madonna uses a term of endearment other than "bitch", especially with Guy Ritchie as he squirmed on the end of her strap-on. But anyway.

    "I had no idea there was even a possibility this would get my 11. It wasn't even on my list of potential 11s I posted in the thread. But it just really blew me away this time around. I mean, I’ve always loved it, but I thought my 11 would go to something a little more obvious. Still, there was no denying the power this has over me. The acoustic guitar-led production, combined with some gorgeous strings, drum beats, electronic glitches and her lower-register is just perfection for me. I’ve loved pretty much everything she’s done with Mirwais since my first listen, and this is no different. The bittersweet melody, in both the verses and the chorus, is somehow extremely melancholic and extremely catchy at the same time. The sweet as hell lyrics make me wish I had someone to sing the song too, the “I’m not religious, but it makes me wanna pray” is honestly so fucking relatable, I can’t deal with it. And then the choir comes in, literally out of nowhere, fills my heart with joy, and makes me wanna burst into tears, and then it feels like it’s gone before you really got a chance to process it, despite being present for about 45 seconds. After it’s gone, the glitches and acoustic guitar start to carry us out, and Madonna sings the outro, before handing it back over the wonderful production. The song manages to be nearly 5 minutes long, and still feels like it’s not enough. It always leaves me wanting more. The same can be said about dozens of Madonna songs, but I couldn’t stop myself from returning to this one even if I wanted to, so I know that this is what deserves my 11. I hope y’all let it do well, and at least make the top…75." - @Music Is Life

    "Nothing Fails" captures that quiet realisation that you're in deep so well. The production steadily building throughout before reaching something that feels more like a rapturous sermon over anything. Madonna's tone goes from fond to awed, the choir swells underneath her, and it becomes holy. It pours out of the windows of cathedrals with the highest of ceilings, refusing to be contained. This quiet thing becomes deafening and all-consuming, before collapsing right back down. And that's it right there, because we experience these things in a flash, don't we? In a moment where you're sitting shoulder to shoulder on the train, or when you look up over the table at the restaurant and catch a soft, unguarded moment of nothing that's also everything, and the world just keeps spinning. Love can be grand and sensory overloading, but it can also be small and silly, and it all has the same level of importance. Everything is beautiful, and nothing fails.

    It's an easy Madonna discography highlight for me, and I would have happily seen it go to similar heights as it did in 2015. It's maybe her warmest, most spine-tingling love song, where every stunt feels required and economical rather than surgical and controlled. It's a pure expression, even if it wasn't originally hers, but you can see why she was drawn to it though. The intimacy, the comfort of the known, the ease, tears washed away. Alas, I have a feeling there are going to be a few tears in this thread tonight, so let me vacate the podium.

    With its status as a fairly maligned single, "Nothing Fails" received no video, but it was performed as part of Re-Invention, and was even in the pipeline to pop up on Confessions to the point of there being a studio version of the treatment floating around, where it would have been mashed up with none other than fucking "Drowned World / Substitute For Love", which OH MY GOD. I've also included Jem's original demo, and "They" as well, because like I said earlier: bop. Enjoy!

    American Life OUT.

  7. Literally me every time I see @RJF posted an elimination

  8. Wow. American Life deserved better.
  9. Except for the taste level in this rate.
  10. A MESS.
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  11. RJF


    ...will I try to be messy and probably expose an incorrectly entered score in the process, making my life harder? OKAY.

    Doenjang 11
    citoig 11
    RainOnFire 11
    Markus1981 11
    Music Is Life 11
    RJF 10
    nikkysan 10
    funkyg 10
    aux 10
    cheida 10
    Butterfly 10
    No hay banda 10
    P'NutButter 10
    eatyourself 10
    maverick_79 10
    tylerc904 10
    OSHi 10
    JMRGBY 10
    Remyky22 10
    Cutlery 10
    Suburbia 10
    matthew. 10
    soratami 10
    GimmeWork 10
    Endothelium 10
    Mirwais Ahmadzaï 10
    Andrew.L 10
    Mjg0806 10
    Jonathan27 10
    elear 10
    paullypaul 10
    Andy French 10
    Up Down Suite 10
    godspeed 10
    torontodj 10
    Joe. 10
    Babylon 10
    Syzygyz 10
    Dreampopboy 10
    Coochi 10
    Hurricane Drunk 10
    muddleddreams 10
    scottdisick94 10
    Drew 10
    Robsolete 10
    Fortune 10
    Sideout 10
    RetroPhysical 10
    joeee 10
    Xanax 10
    aaronhansome 10
    Bleu Noir 10
    Jimmyandroid 10
    Candy Perfume Girl 10
    paperboyfriendd 10
    joe_alouder 10
    Miss Lange 10
    BTG 10
    Crisp X 10
    Epic Chocolat 10
    Sleepycat 10
    phoenix123 10
    Lila 10
    K94 10
    clowezra 10
    Filippa 10
    Rogue 10
    wintersleep 10
    evilsin 10
    KingBruno 10
    eliminathan 10
    Remorque 10
    Digital Ghost 10
    Trinu 3.0 10
    acl 10
    LTG 10
    Verandi 10
    nametag 10
    Mvnl 10
    sexercise 10
    Mr Blonde 10
    FrozenNight 10
    japanbonustrack 10
    fancygreen 10
    Weslicious 10
    Beautiful Child 2 10
    tommylander 10
    Touchofmyhand 10
    beyoncésweave 10
    Raichu 9.5
    dodoriazarbon 9.5
    djmakemewet 9.5
    rdp 9.5
    sfmartin 9.5
    DJHazey 9.5
    dylanaber 9.5
    Fuchsia 9.5
    Skyline 9.5
    FridayNight 9.5
    Daniel_O 9.5
    R27 9.5
    SloMover 9.5
    JonBcn 9.5
    Mikl C 9.5
    Chezam 9.5
    Maki 9.5
    Jwentz 9
    Lucy Honeychurch 9
    Future Lover 9
    gezza76 9
    madgemad 9
    relby 9
    Sail On 9
    Aester 9
    NightmareBoy 9
    Modeblock 9
    DinahLee 9
    Pop Life 9
    ufint 9
    Ramalama 9
    strangekin 9
    discoteca 8.5
    Dangerous Maknae 8.5
    WoW73 8.5
    DominoDancing 8.5
    MrMannacroix 8.5
    Holly Something 8.5
    Andreas 8
    Tigerlily 8
    Vasilios 8
    tom71 8
    Babyface 8
    theelusivechanteuse 8
    dancingwithmyself 8
    BreatheBox 8
    MilesAngel 8
    Zdarlight 8
    TrueBeliever 8
    TheChoirgirlHotel 8
    M24 8
    Bangers&Bops 8
    m_dimitrov 7.5
    nanafan 7.5
    AllGagaLike 7.5
    Mister_G 7.5
    AshtrayHeart 7
    Euphoria 7
    rav4boy 7
    Angeleyes 7
    Phonetics Boy 7
    fatyoshi 7
    VeryPSB 7
    Michael17 7
    Push 7
    CasperFan 6.5
    1991 6.5
    unnameable 6.5
    Sprockrooster 6
    Ana Raquel 6
    letuinmybackdoor 6
    ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion 6
    2014 5.5
    happiestgirl 5​
  12. American Life was weirdly overrated the first time rating. This drop was hoped by me and seeing it actually happening feels some form of justice.
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  13. Wow, I am a little surprised that American Life has NO songs in the top 10... top 15.

    What happened?
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  14. A fucking 5.5? @2014 needs their moderating privileges revoked.
  15. I've fallen behind on the rate, but honestly I'd been expecting this tag a while. Still sad to see!

    Nothing Fails isn't just my favourite Madonna song, it's easily one of my favorite songs of all time. As a queer person with Asperger's, I've always found it difficult to verbalise romantic feelings, so I've felt a subtext to the song that really speaks to me.

    In my mind, my feelings speak for themselves, and they feel like grand romantic gestures, like fireworks exploding, beautiful metaphors and choirs singing. In reality, I'm not a very expressive person, so really all they see is that tip of the iceberg, those first six lines ("I'm in love with you, you silly thing..."). My twenties were really about trying to reconcile those two ends of the spectrum, and listening to Nothing Fails makes me feel like I have, even if just for five minutes.
  16. Listening to Nothing Fails knowing her marriage is eventually going to uh, painful. On a slightly related note, when this rate first started I was barely in a relationship and by the time it finally ends I will be a few days married. Life happens fast, huh.
  17. RJF


    Fun fact: @2014 has actually been just missing appearing in the Lowest Scorers section for a few songs recently, and if memory serves me correctly, will either appear or come close to appearing in the Lowest Scorers section for several songs to come as well. The taste? ROTTED.
  18. RJF


    Hope you're not wearing white.
  19. Welp this rate is dropping on me so many bombs of relatable stuff or whatever send help.
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