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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. This thread... until it got to the Top 20.

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  2. After In This Life was placed out of the top 100 I lost my heart apparently!!!!!!!!
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  3. Nothing Fails was my 11 in the 21st Century Rate and was again nearly here.

    In the past week, I have been feeling particularly lonely as my mother is hospitalized and we don't have any idea of when she's coming out. I've been thinking a lot about how I take her love for granted and how I'm callous while living with her and my dad because of familiarity and wanting my own space again. One thing I got from my mother was often feeling like a burden as a person to someone. The last time we spoke a few days ago (because I've been working and I can't take off to go see her because of my own bills), she was once again feeling like a burden and asked me if she died, would I kill myself? I told her I would not and that that doesn't give her implicit permission to give up. She's tired and has been for nearly a decade of health problems, it's something she shares with her own mother. She worries that she wasn't a good enough mother because of her mother who did treat her like a burden her whole life and favoured my mom's siblings far more.

    It often feels like I've failed as a son because my love isn't enough to keep her going. That I've been grumpy one too many times while taking her to dialysis because I had to wake up early after a long night at work. She can't speak right now because she's currently intubated but I'm still going to see her tomorrow and try my best to tell her how much I love her and how much I don't want her to leave.

    Nothing Fails so excels at the warmth of love, and not just romantic. And while I've only ever really been in love with someone who had the chance to be in love with me once, I have of course loved before. The first person I loved was my mother, and I want her to know that her love did not fail me. I want her to know the warmth she has given me and fought for her whole life. The kindness and sincerity in Nothing Fails is unparalleled in Madonna's discography and has been a quiet refuge while I seek to not drown in despair as I work for people who don't care about me and my mother's lungs fail her.

    It can hurt to see people be callous about the things we love, things we have grown such a connection to, and I have absolutely been vicious in this rate specifically because it feels in tune with both the rate host who I think a tremendous talent and the subject of the rate, who is also very obviously a tremendous talent. But with all that said, I do hope if you've never been able to relate to Nothing Fails, you will some day in your life.
  4. How dare you bring my 11 into this.
  5. Y'all truly have the worst fucking taste I CAN'T

  6. After many a moving moment shared in this mammoth thread over the last few months, @aaronhansome has just got closest to thawing my frozen heart. Fuck. Hope you’re doing as ok as you can right now. <3
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  7. I’m listening to They by Jem.
  8. Ok but also stream Wish I

    La Isla Bonita found polluted.
  9. RJF


    Maybe you SHOULD HAVE VOTED!!!!

  10. BTG


    The modern Madonna surely? I do think.
  11. K94


    I'm actually surprised Live To Tell is still pulling through - I thought some of the girls would [wrongly] brand it boring and score it averagely. It should go in the next 2/3 though.
  12. RJF



  13. LTG


    Fuck Pat Leonard, bring Jem back!!!

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  14. Oh @aaronhansome that's so emotional to read I can't imagine how hard things are right now, but the way you describe your mother, it's obvious you love her deeply and I'm sure she feels it. I hope things get better.

    I love when music can connect like that.
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  15. Live to tell is top 5 material. The middle 8 is beautiful.
  16. Jem our undersung Welsh national treasure her renaissance. It was such an event in our house whenever she was on TV back in the day!

    To be honest "Nothing Fails" making it so far in the 00s rate feels like a much bigger gag than it doing slightly less well this time. This is a weird stage of the rate where I'm kind of just waiting to see how the top 7-9ish songs fall and really just waiting for things like "The Power of Good-bye" and "Papa Don't Preach" (songs I love) to get out of the way.
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  17. "Don't Tell Me" being the highest rated Mirwais collaboration is wrong on so many levels.

    Along with "Rain", it's one of the songs I never got exactly why people like it so much.
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  18. RJF


    Any bets on what is leaving tonight, females?
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  19. Don’t Tell Me is my guess.
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  20. Live To Tell or Rain
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