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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. I want Deeper and Deeper to ride this bitch out as long as she possibly can. I want her to BEAT Vogue.
  2. I'm ready for Papa Don't Preach to bounce.

    But where did they get it from and how can I get one?
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  3. I knew you’d all come round to the correct way of thinking eventually.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. LTG


    It doesn’t quite belong in the top 15, you didn’t want it in the top 200 sis.
  6. Don't Tell Me and Rain are two of my few 10s left but I'm pretty sure that either of them will be the next to leave.

    Unless a True Blue single finally fucks off.
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  7. Nobody is coming around to your way of thinking Hen, considering you’ve been calling for it’s glorious Latino dreamy head since July, if not from the very start... and we are only now watching the best of the best fight it out.
  8. Oh.

    "Nothing Fails" was the only other contender for my 11. It's just so warm? I think that's why so many permutations of love seem to stick to it so effortlessly. There's such an idiosyncratic personal-ness to its pacing, production and lyrical touches, especially, of course, with I'm in love with you, you silly thing and I'm not religious/But I feel so moved. Things you could imagine of lovers, family, friends. And it sustains this intimacy even as it reaches for the grand. It's ambitious for anyone to reach for God, but for Madonna to have done at that point in her career was maybe especially perilous, particularly by making such direct allusions to her previous grasps heavenward which would risk seeming rote. But the choir swells, the song balloons with it to fill unexpected and unseen pockets of air, and then... it lands back so gently on earth. At love, simply, whatever that might mean for you. Of all her songs that are explicitly self-referential, it's maybe the most satisfying and rewarding? A supernova at her most simple and grand. A revelation you always had in your heart.
  9. Now I want a Muppet Movie of all Madonna references.
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  10. Between the songs people are calling for and the looming elimination, I am feeling very tense right now.[​IMG]
  11. I know the moment has passed but I wanted to elaborate on as to why Nothing Fails is still the best ballad by Madonna for me. As @aaronhansome ‘s beautiful post explained already, Nothing Fails has always been more about that encompassing love you feel towards the world, force that is so great that it brings you down to your knees, leaves you awestruck and humble by the simple fact that you can feel, you can love, and that itself is so crushingly beautiful - akin to Björk’s All is Full of Love if you will - and nothing can fail you nor this world because of it. It’s such an astonishing song. Also I love little sound flourishes throughout the song, like how morse code can be heard after when she sings ‘when I get lost in space I can return to this place’ - as if love is sending its signal so she can return, like gravity, from the space of despair and unknown.
  12. This would actually be a great place for Papa Don't Preach to bow out as far as I'm concerned. It's great, obviously, but compared to a lot of what's left I'm honestly surprised it's lasted this long.
  13. Oh, we're in the top 5 already?
  14. Why have I been high-key teary when I even THINK about Nothing Fails since it got eliminated? Someone wipe away my tears!
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  15. I’ve also always liked the “tree of life” line as it both applies to her experiences in life and the way kabbalah has made an impact in her life.

    My dad believes in Jewish mysticism so it’s always been an interesting counterpart to my decade of overt religious beliefs.
  16. Me waiting for this elimination....

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  17. I still can’t believe you all got rid of Angel Borderline so quickly. Damaged queens in this thread.

    This rate is as old as a small child and we are well into the Top 20. The sweet, melancholy sound of La Isla Bopita won and you lost, beast. B’gone.
  18. Both Papa and Bonita slap hard and are stone cold classics but I wouldn’t object to them missing Top 10.
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  19. Papa Don't Preach has always kinda been the single from True Blue for me. Open Your Heart is a perfect pop song but those strings on Papa Don't Preach just barely cinch it for me.
  20. but... Papa Don't Preach is my favorite True Blue single
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