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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

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    Poor @Andy French

    love you xxx
  2. Judging by the HUGE leaps of the Music album I think Don't Tell Me is comfortably in the top 10. I would love it if Ray of Light could sneak in there as well. I think Deeper and Deeper is more likely though.
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  3. I've overplayed "Get Together" in the last 15 years to the point where I rarely want to listen to it anymore. But down (down, down) in my heart, I know that it's still a 10.
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  4. I regret nothing!!!!!
  5. Flop countries.
  6. I was pretty selective about my 10s, but knowing @JMRGBY 's extremely ill conceived 2 didn't even impact a placement I'm just not gonna fret over my scores.

    I do however kinda wish I gave Like A Prayer my 11 now.
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  7. Looking at the Confessions single covers, I couldn't help but wonder: who decided that the grand majority of the extensive and fabulous photoshoot for the Confessions album (So many set-ups! So many gowns, beautiful gowns!) had to be paid absolute dust? Trolldonna strikes again.

    Anyway. Each and every one of those Get Together performances is absolute fire. There's no complicated choreography, there's no props, it's just Mum working the hell out of her enviable sense of rhythm and unabashed love for her own song (and honest to God, who can blame her? Bop Together is an absolute banger) and really ... that's more than enough.

    On a personal note, I have nothing but fond memories of the entire era. Watching those performances again takes me back to when I was half the age I am now (yikes, though) and Madonna made my gay heart beat, for the very first time.
  8. Which songs weren't in the top 10 before? I am sorry I am a lazy hoe today.
  9. Get Together is a classic and it saddens me that she hasn’t brought it back out since it’s parent tour.
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  10. The Power of Goodbye has overstayed it’s welcome by like 20 places. Yes I’m pressed.
  11. RJF


    Terry Wogan got the name of the single wrong and eleven years later he was dead. “Get Together” its POWER.
  12. Such great memories of the Confessions era. I was 18 and I remember going to an album launch night where they premiered the album in a club the night it went on sale. The absolute BUZZ on the dance floor when Hung segued into Get Together.
  13. Well color me shocked, I really thought this was locked into the top 10.

    “Do you believe in love at first sight? It’s an illusion, I don’t care” has always felt like one of her most nonchalantly succinct yet classic Madonna lyrics for me. Y’all did this one a bit dirty.
  14. I'm surprised Open Your Heart is still here. The other 80s songs in the top 20 are all undeniable classics but Open Your Heart is... a cute girl I guess.
  15. Open Your Heart slander??
  16. This. Lyrically it’s just so beautifully put together, and deceptively simple. That phrase you picked out alone has a multitude of angles from which to view it. Get Together manages to invite the listener to experience both the micro and macro moments/possibilities from catching eyes on a dance floor. It’s about intimate immensity, the power of what can come from just one look, just one touch, just one kiss... but also that it needn’t be that deep.

    Into The Groove (A sister song really, the Innocence to GT’s Experience) asks the other person in the equation to prove their love to her - Get Together knows it doesn’t need to ask that.
  17. RJF


    One of the best songs of all time.

  18. Surprised that "Get Together" missed the top 10, but I'm also glad it did.
    Even though the 7 I gave it seems a bit low (the song grew on me), it was definitely a victim of "that's it?" situation. Seeing it in the top 3 of the 21st century Madonna rate, I expected a full on banger. And it was a bit disappointing on first listen. There's something very... loose about that chorus and I find that underwhelming. It just doesn't have the same impact factor that "Hung Up" and "Sorry" have.

    @RJF, expose the low scorers of "La Isla Bonita", please.
  19. Get Together is explosive, thumping, distilled euphoria. I don't know what some of you are hearing but get it checked as soon as possible!
  20. RJF


    It's too easy to lump to her 80s stuff all together in a pile as "great", but the True Blue singles and Like A Prayer in its entirety prove that she was a pop music titan even then. The song craft on display is some of the finest we will ever see in this pitiful existence we call life. These are the best songs of all time. The main reason she was able to act the way she did and not only get away with it but become the biggest popstar on the planet was because the music was undeniable and watertight. You couldn't touch it. You couldn't predict it. She captivated and frustrated. She had everyone so mad because they couldn't get at her.

    The only other female popstar I have seen command that kind of power was Lady Gaga when she landed in our lives like a meteor and left everyone scattered and shocked and scrambling to catch up, but even she had to step back after a few years when it became too much. Madonna held that molten energy for a whole decade and even after she was told to put it down, stood in the blast radius for the rest of her life, and it's only served as a nice exfoliating treatment for her. That's power.

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