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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


    OFFICIALLY RELEASED versions only.
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  2. Avicii Heart coming for the win!
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  3. TASTE. My 11 is one of these.
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  4. Oh, never mind.

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  5. Well if we are stanning demos/original versions.....

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  6. RJF


    Also, I don't want anyone complaining about the amount of fucking songs. About ninety (!!!) of these have been singles so you should be at least mildly familiar with a lot of them, and it's me who is going to have to have to input 200+ scores x 37 on June 15th when you girls decide that the last day is the best time to participate, so shut the fuck up.
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  7. I'm so excited for this. I was pretty beat about the fact that I missed the first time around, so I'm glad that we're doing this again. Over the years my love for Madonna only grew, especially since I've got the chance to witness her live during MDNA tour. What an artist.
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  8. RJF


    Oh, that reminds me: WATCH THE TOURS. They're all on YouTube, all amazing, and all vital into understanding a lot of the tracks. I'll maybe do a wee bit about my favourite tour performances as well.
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  9. Excited to dive into the albums I'm less familiar with (MDNA, Hard Candy, Bedtime Stories, I'm Breathless) and figure out what on earth to do with the amount of 10+s here.

    Has any rate had more than one song get a 10+ average before...?
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  10. Nn digging up the evidence from my dusty PMs that @RJF knows he shouldn't be including Did You Do It after I abstained the first time around.

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  11. RJF


    Probably a flop one with like six voters or something idk.
  12. I have three days off after tomorrow and have already made plans to go through every tour from beginning to end (except Madame X as I assume there isn't a good recording out there yet). Looking forward to rediscovering some shows and reliving others.
  13. I've had Drowned World Tour on while working and I honestly live for how her stylist bodied her for the recorded performance. The hair, the make-up, the lack of eyebrows, the styling. All while she was at her most sinewy and lean. She looked like she was going to kill someone. I live.

    The slightly rejigged hair and tan + blush look was also iconic.
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  14. At the very least people should watch Blonde Ambition and Girlie Show:

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  15. The way Open Your Heart swells into being on Drowned World Tour...before she starts singing Nobody's Perfect
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  16. Rewatched them all this past week. Rebel Heart Tour and Who’s That Girl World Tour have gone way further up in my ranking.
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  17. RJF


    The fact that Blond Ambition was essentially The Immaculate Collection Tour... I felt that.
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  18. I can’t even begin to add up how many hours of my life I spent rewatching Ciao Italia on VHS as a kid.

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  19. SAME. How I enjoyed dancing along to the extended outro of La Isla! Glorious.
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  20. If I have anything to say about it it’s going✈️ Top fucking 5
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