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Madonna: The Discography Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Since this ended I’ve had huge vibes.
  2. I’ve watched the multiple recordings of the Blond Ambition Tour on a loop. It helps!
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  3. This place seems painfully quiet these days, huh?

    Gathering my thoughts about this rate, and most of you pretty much summed it up already.
    So much fun during these six months of discussing about the most iconic popstar of all-time. Gorgeous write ups, witty comments, and emotional/personal stories shared by the voters (and some non-voters) has been a pleasure to read.
    It's truly been a joy to check this thread each day and find out something new.

    Admittedly, I haven't done as much research as I should and as I wanted, since the timing was challenging for me, but have learned a lot with all these amazing posts you shared. We've seen that even the most devoted and oldest fans still learn something new about Madonna, so it's never too late, I guess. My next endeavour is watching all of her music videos, which I'm very excited about.

    All in all, it's been an incredible journey. Thank you so much, @RJF! There aren't enough words to justify the praise you deserve.
    The only rate that could surpass this one is, well... the next Madonna rate, of course.
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  4. Incredible rate and write ups, but Frozen is most certainly not the best song from the best popstar. Close but Like A Prayer and Vogue definitely have more Madonna majesty IMO.
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  5. I miss this rate. And life is back to normal and the same b.s., sadly.
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  6. As much as people will roll their eyes, I'm a bit salty about Frozen beating Like A Prayer (and Vogue for that matter). They're both incredible at their core, but Like A Prayer has more dynamicness and musical complexity going for it. Not that musical complexity always make something better---sometimes it works against songs---but I feel like Like A Prayer is incredibly musically complex while still retaining the simplicity of uncluttered vision that makes the best pop so good. Frozen is deep, rich, and textured, but it also feels more repetitive than Like A Prayer, like it doesn't have as many ideas. Sometimes I find myself wondering why exactly Frozen has to be so long, considering that there's not really much that extra length is doing different. In contrast, Like A Prayer completely justifies its length.

    I also think Like A Prayer's lyrics have a bit more complexity and creativity to them and it never has a lyric as cliche as "Love is a bird/She needs to fly." Again, not that complexity is always better, but Like A Prayer's words are the perfect marriage of simplicity and complexity.

    In short, I find Like A Prayer to be a considerably more interesting song even if the overall sonic experience of Frozen is somewhat more pleasing.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. If she ever became a singer...multiple casualties.
  9. I think Madame X actually did fine for an album that could never be anything but divisive. The album doesn't aim for hitting sonic pleasure centers the way some of her other albums do. For an album that doesn't prioritize listenability, it got both high reviews and a pretty good album average in this rate.

    One problem with Madame X's reception though is that some people can't let go of the narrative that Madonna's output greatly decreased in quality after Confessions, which is only somewhat true. I mean, Hard Candy and MDNA are both among Madonna's weakest albums (and Hard Candy is actually pretty good, which is a testament for M's overall quality control), but Rebel Heart and Madame X did a lot to bring back Madonna's creative zeal.

    I don't agree with the idea that Rebel Heart is part of Madonna's so-called creative decline, but at least I can see the argument. The album is overflowing with interesting sonic ideas, but there is an element of lightweightedness to some of the songwriting, which bothers me on occasion (I don't have much use for songs like "Hold Tight" and "Addicted"). But there's nothing lightweight about any of Madame X and it is really is creative exploration on an entirely different level than the three albums that came before. And if we're being real, she dug deeper and reached out father creatively on Madame X than Confessions. Does that make it better? Of course not. But I'm just tired of some people's inability to take the album for what it's doing instead of lumping it in with its immediate predecessors for absolutely no good reason at all.

    One time someone on this forum accused Madame X of trendchasing, which felt like a Trumpian reversal of truth. The album is the exact fucking opposite: weird music that doesn't care much about casual listenability. That anyone would accuse it of trendchasing just shows that they're clinging to a narrative for dear life despite all evidence to the contrary.

    I'm just frustrated by the standards people hold Madonna to. Aging male rockers can make albums even worse than MDNA and they're allowed fresh restarts when they come back with better material. Whereas Madonna is not allowed that. She's also expected to be incredible in her later years whereas they're allowed to make unambitious music in their older age. Because she's Madonna, she IS still making incredible stuff, but the expectation that she continue to top herself is malicious even if it is an unintentional compliment.
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  10. Well guess what Mimi, Frozen still won.
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  11. God, this rate is true testament to how much the woman's influenced our lives.

    Fantastic winner.

    End of.
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  12. I really miss this rate. Gonna dive deeper (and deeper) in M's music this winter and devour it all over again.
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  13. It's certainly not better than the original, but Madonna transforms those bro'd out DROPS into Gay Hell Extravaganza, and I'm here for it. Her ability to turn nearly anything into fun f*ggotry is something I love and admire about her. Also, it reminds me of one of my favorite gay nights in my life, Akbal Lounge in Monterrey, Mexico c. 2011 with my evil ex_b*yfr**nd.

  14. RJF


    Still iconic.​
  15. This rate was exactly what I needed coming off the back of The Year of Madame X into the hellscape that has been 2020. Much like Madonna’s music itself, it’s been a welcome respite from all the bullshit, and has deepened my appreciation for her and her work even more, which I didn’t realize was possible at this point.

    @RJF you did that!
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm still a little sad that this is over. Truly a rate for the ages @RJF.

    And shout-out to @Pop Life for all of the little extra tidbits he sprinkled throughout the rate! The award for Best Supporting Sis In A PopJustice Rate goes to you.
  17. I reference this rate in real life so that should tell you how good it was, @RJF and also it should tell you that I don't have many boundaries in my life.
  18. Every time someone mentions one of her songs in the general discussion thread, I'm like "didn't we close the case in the Madonna rate? Just go and read that thread". That's how powerful this rate was.
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