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Madonna: The Discography Rate - TOP 100 REVEALED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


    Something to keep in mind at the moment is that, yes, while songs are leaving relatively early, they're also leaving with scores over 6/10, so they haven't been mauled.
    I'll sip the tea a bit but I'm not sure these are the songs to pin this argument on. "Some Girls" and "I Don't Give A" are riddled with issues although I'll admit that the former was done a bit wrong. "Sooner Or Later" is a big jazzy swing number that was never going to go that far with this crowd, and "Dance 2Night" is a boring song pretending to be a fun song.
  2. Shame y’all can’t appreciate It’s So Cool’s poppery boppery! Especially considering some of the stuff that’s still in (Girl Gone Flaccid)

  3. RJF


  4. I’ve given It’s So Cool another spin and yes, the Freemasons comparison is pretty much 100%, Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer instantly springs to mind, but it was 2009 so I’ll just quietly obliviously bop.
  5. Now everytime I open I just run to "charts, rate, etc" to check this. Well.

    Couldn't be here yesterday but Funana and Charli's Lucky are the prove that A.I. and robots in general DO have Gorgeous songs.

    I Don't Give A is interesting. Like mentioned (and most of MDNA), there are some bones but it needed some extra meat covering it. Or maybe adjust the meat. I don't know. But it's ok.
    Illuminati was one of my favorite leaks and the release version was just as cool. The synths in this are just gay heaven. Reading the comments under this on youtube... worth getting some popcorn.

    I fear that my 11 is probably coming within the next ~20 songs but I knew it would probably happen.
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  6. M24


    This, so much. I don't understand how some fun MDNA tracks bombed out before Bitch I'm Loca (a Maluma reggeatón song ft. Madonna), Faz Gostoso (a cover) or even Future (which is bland to me and I can't believe she chose to perform that one on Eurovision). And I say that having absolutely enjoyed the album as a whole.

    I would say it has to be recency bias... but then there are some songs from Rebel Heart that I think should've gone before Illuminati too, so maybe I just don't have taste.
  7. Illuminati is cute & I really liked it at the time, but the chorus hasn't aged so well.

    I Don't Give A is honestly a career highlight. One of my all time favourites from her.
    It's one of the few MDNA songs that isn't drowning in the production, the lyrics are exactly what you would want from a post-divorce album & Nicki's verse is just about on topic!
  8. Slagging off Like A Prayer and calling I Don’t Give A a career highlight I just...
  9. I don't give a about I Don't Give A. Onward.
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  10. I'm surprised The Pope Ariana got the boot already.
  11. It's So Cool was lucky to get a 6 from me; I would have probably come down a point in retrospect. It's a pretty monotonous song, though I do like some of the lyrics. I think the dance version is much better than the bare bones demo.

    I Don't Give A, which I gave a 5, has a good beat, a good chorus, an exciting choral breakdown and as much as I hate Nicki these days, her verse is fire. But Madonna's rapped verses are immensely clumsy and clunky (and sound dreadful live). I just can't take them seriously. And it annoys me that the deep and beautiful "I tried to be your wife" part is swallowed up in mundane nonsense. As @RJF said, it's a waste.

    Illuminati was done extremely dirty. It's a unique little banger. Some of Rebel Heart is a bit safe, but then there's another group of songs on it that are quite fresh and this is among them. I love that the sound matches the subject matter so well; I'm a sucker for that. I gave the whole package an 8.5.
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  12. I mean, I guess I get the logic here (though, as @RJF said, I don't think these are the best songs to make the argument with), but I honestly think pop stars need to be at least somewhat pretentious to get anywhere. It's part of getting outside of one's wheelhouse or comfort zone. I'll take any pretentiousness that Madame X offers over the creative stagnation of MDNA any day.
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  13. Because it's the best song on it's album xx
  14. Ff this tea. I don’t even dislike Madame X but the amount of times Rebel Heart is thrown under the bus for the sake of propping it up when the middle of the album is underwhelming as hell is...exhausting to say the least.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. Lowkey considered starting a campaign to rate this after Did You Do It was booted but I held my tongue. (This for some reason auto plays after any pop video on my YouTube. When put on our TV I just hear groans from the living room when my boyfriend is subjected once again. Get those streams Queen.)

    Also, RE: Heartbeat, I didn’t understand what people saw in it upon release but it’s really aged gorgeously. The way she kinda just bouncing along that production in a sort of relaxed, cool way. The lyrics being deceptively brilliant and pertinent to her as an artist... “It may feel old to you but to me it feels new” is just a perfect line for a song about losing yourself to dance.

    Don’t you know
    Can’t you see
    When I dance I feel free
    Which makes me feel like the only one
    The light shines on

    It’s a real nod to the first album, those Danceteria days, but saying essentially “Hey, I still love to sweat the night away. I’m still that girl. And you should go out and dance too.”

    I underscored it I think.
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  17. Heartbeat is kind of ruined by how shrill her vocal is.
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  18. I listened to Hard Candy while working out today and it was 10’s across the board just as I remembered.
  19. I have forgotten how "Funana" goes like most of Madame X so I just sing it in my head as "FUNANA, whassmyname?"
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  20. I love Heartbeat but, yes, the vocal is a bit shrill and that shrillness was a sign of things to come on MDNA.
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