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Madonna: The Discography Rate - TOP 100 REVEALED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. RJF


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  2. RJF


    Is now a good time to mention I don't even remember eliminating "Love Tried To Welcome Me" last night or
  3. That's my fourth 10 out of the last six eliminations... The way it just keeps getting worse.
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  4. Wait why is Ms Cunnilingus higher than Fever but it has the same average

    Edit: oh apparently I can't tell a 6 from a 9
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  5. How High - 10. Losing the first of my 25 10's now is pretty good going. I just love the subject of the lyrics and 'It's funny how everybody mentions my name, they're never very nice. I took it, just about everything, except my own advice,' are some of my favourite lyrics in the discography.
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  6. Bedtime Stories and Erotica starting to hemorrhage tracks?
  7. M24


    I for one welcome the Erotica cull! Time for Bye Bye Baby and Secret Garden next, please. The rest deserves top 100, and the remaining singles top 30 of course (I'm not debating that).

    Let's leave Bedtime Stories alone for now, though. I can only accept Sanctuary leaving before the top 50.
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  8. RJF


    nn you're not losing your mind! It was a typo on the "Fever" elimination that I corrected when I thought that score on "Where Life Begins" looked familiar.
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  10. If there's any taste in this pink hell, Secret GODen is top 100 at least
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  11. Just...I cannot imagine being so devoid, so lacking, so bereft of taste so as to see Secret Garden as anything less than sublime.
  12. Someone stop this, it's wrong.

    Where Life Begins is just fabulous. Very sexy. That production is top notch. It sounds like having a huge room all lit up with candles and a velvet robe to be taken off and oil ready to be spread around. Almost my 11 too.
    It gives a different side for Erotica, like a change of pace that's not basic and doesn't let the record down.

    I'd say it's one of the few songs that actually explores Sex in the way that... people expected the record to be.

    I feel salty that it was never outed anywhere of anything.
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  13. R27


    I wish I didn’t remember you eliminating it either.
  14. A milestone. "Fever" is my tenth 10 to depart. [​IMG] ...
  15. I like pretty much all of the latest eliminations (although Fever can low-key choke for all I care, as I don't enjoy any version of it. Sorry Miss Peggy.) but I'm not especially gutted about them going.

    I swear some of you want about 150 songs in the top 100 ddd.
  16. RJF


    nn when people say, "This should be safe until Top 50!" I go and look at the Top 50 and am like... y'all remember whose discography this is, right?
  17. I hope the next 5 tracks to leave before the top 100 are Bye Bye Baby, I want you, Causing a commotion, Amazing and In this life.
  18. Exactly nn. I imagine we'll have classic singles missing the top 50, never mind album tracks and random stuff.

    The joys/perils of such an iconic back catalogue.
  19. Can we stop losing 90s tracks please.
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