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Madonna to work with Fernando Garibay

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. So I guess she officially doesn't care anymore.

    @FERNANDOGARIBAY what iconic artists are u talking about? when will u collaborate with #madonna ?

    @kakadre Madonna coming soon
  2. Re: Madonna working with Fernando Garibay

    He had some good moments (Britney's Amnesia or Pussycat Dolls' Bottle Pop).
    I'd also add Stars Are Blind but I'm afraid..
  3. Re: Madonna working with Fernando Garibay

    But she just told Larry Flick the other week that she hadn't thought about her next record yet and didn't know who she'd be working with.

  4. Re: Madonna working with Fernando Garibay

    I'm expecting sessions with RedOne next. It's come to that hasn't it?
  5. Re: Madonna working with Fernando Garibay

    RedOne! Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone!
  6. Re: Madonna working with Fernando Garibay

    Haha! Or just REDONE! MADGE!

    But seriously, if she does then we'll get some good songs but not Madonna good songs.

  9. What on earth has happened to Madonna?
  10. It doesn't really say anywhere that Madonna will work with him. He could just be wishing.
  11. LOL! This nerd produces for c-list jerks like the pussycat hos.
  12. What are you on about? A person asks him if he's gonna work with Madonna and he answers that she's coming (to the studio) soon.
  13. Britney?
    He's a good producer.
  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I had to google the guy. Never heard that name before.

    I'd like it if whoever she was working with didn't announce it at every opportunity, sothat the music speaks for itself.
  15. I took that tweet as sort of a boast, like Madonna Of Course! From what she has said and history, it's doubtful she will begin a new album for awhile.
  16. His work with Paradiso Girls and PCD's 'Bottle Pop' is amazing.
  17. We all know how much of a workaholic Madge is. When she means "a while" she probably means she'll take a weekend off.
  18. Well it would be a step up from Oakenfold - and Bottle Pop shits all over anything Madge's done lately from a great height.

    In fact, if this is true (big 'if' I know), it makes me wonder why she didn't get this guy in to work on Revolver ...
  19. Ever? Are you kidding?
  20. I understand and respect Madonna putting her family first, but it has come at a cost to her music.
    Once an innovator, she's been following trends for the better part of the decade.
    I know her Confessions album was hailed as brilliant, but Rachel Stevens did Come And Get It first
    Madonna should be blazing trails, not just being a 50 year old following today;s trends.
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