God, imagine if they'd tried to get Gloria and Madonna to do that song together.

They were both films. The one where she played a violin teacher was a biopic called Music of the Heart, and role ended up going to Meryl Streep after Madonna left the film. The musical was Chicago.

Yeah she fell out with the director Wes Craven I think. He was a very curious choice of director too....

What was the movie and musical she was mentioning here in 12:55? Did it get shelved?

You almost never see Madonna so excited and wide-eyed (literally) in a video interview. It's refreshing especially when the interviewer is so drab and cold (starting every other question with "but" really?)

Love what she said about music videos being to films what poems are to stories, never thought of it like that and she's so right.
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It's also very much a capsule of the mid-late 90s and I'm not sure how much interest people have in that.

There are other songs in that time period that have pretty good streaming numbers though and are very much a capsule of the 90s.

The youngest/most-streaming demographic doesn't listen to Madonna. Unfortunately.

Their loss, honestly. But, I'm wondering if there are other factors like is her team also not pushing her enough on the big playlists?
Speaking from my own experience, Ray of Light can be a little jarring to listen to for the first time as well. It took a while for the album to click with me.