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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Rise Mambo, rise. Erotica (rightfully) found new appreciation as a mistreated classic, now it’s Bedtime Stories’ turn.
  2. Most of the tracks on Ray Of Light being over 5 minutes long probably doesn't help either in terms of streaming.
  3. Speaking from my own experience, Ray of Light can be a little jarring to listen to for the first time as well. It took a while for the album to click with me.
  4. Medellín is still that bitch. I'm scalped every time I listen to it, over a year on. That absolutely seductive beat works with the verses that wash over you, and Maluma's tone works brilliantly with Madonna's. It's sexy, fun, makes you want to dance, feels like it has an emotional core, and has an edge of danger about it?! It's so good. 1, 2, cha-cha-cha.

    That opening 5-track run on Madame X...
  5. Let's see if the Ciccos are as fanatic as the Lambs.
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  6. They better be. Post an Instagram video of you singing “Inside of Me” to celebrate Mum!
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  7. I’m not... comparing Mariah and Madonna as entertainers/performers in any way, except to say that when the Lambily got Glitter to #1 on iTunes, she gave us a medley of songs from the album on her tour.

    Madonna will give us Human Nature on the next tour.
  8. And a TikTok of her dancing to the trap mix of it in her kitchen whilst we wait for that day. Ugh I gotta say I really wish she’d enjoy her catalogue more ddd
  9. Madonna shows her fans love, by hating them intensely.
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  10. Oh, what a joy would be to see her do an acoustic of Inside of Me or Survival.... I've been in a massive Bedtime Stories mood recently, I'll put off listening to it again now to play the vinyl record in the evening.

  11. Mariah’s fans are actually grateful for the music she provides and don’t harass her to work with Walter Afanasieff again and make Butterfly 2.0.
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  12. RJF


    I think as the years have gone by she's thawed out a bit in terms of fan interaction. That thing that was held at Alexandra Palace for the release of Madame X last year that saw her go out her way to sign stuff for fans and speak to them after it was done was... kind of unprecedented behaviour. I think she rediscovered her joy for doing this in the last five years or so; Hard Candy/MDNA was proficient if utterly mercenary. It's like loosening up and being able to enjoy the work again has also allowed her to relax enough on stage to actually realise she's seeing the same faces (@Vasilios) in the front rows year after year and... is grateful? Not that she wasn't grateful beforehand but she seems more comfortable expressing it now.
  13. I LOVE that Madonna plows forward and treats new material as something worth hearing and performing. We get rewarded for continuing to care about her current work by hearing new favorites on tour. And it’s not like she doesn’t perform older songs, half her set list is past material. Tears of a Clown was a fan wet dream.

    I do think Madonna spent a long time affecting this “ironic” detached perspective about her past work because she didn’t want to look like a pathetic nostalgia merchant, not that she would have. She seems more open to talking about her work and accomplishments these days, if only out of fear that it’s all going to be (or is already being) forgotten.

    I’ve actually seen Mariah fans say they want Walter back for more or less this very purpose.
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  14. On the Mariah v Madonna interaction with Fans/Catalogue conversation... I would pay good money to see Madonna complete a song bracket like Mariah did. If only for her (and the fan) meltdowns as she exclaims how much she hates beloved 80's bops, knocking them out in round 1 and sending Human Nature to the top vs Candy Shop.

    As everyone's said, she's thawed. Or at least we can see she has. I think being prolific on social media has been part of that, as have the kids. Seeing her add Hold Tight to one of her instagram videos was cute, and a reminder that of course she knows her own back catalogue (to a point).

    Can SOMEBODY sit down and do a proper Songwriter-focused interview with her, please?
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  15. I’ve long thought about Madonna sitting down for some two-hour interview with a music news source that gets posted on YouTube, where they go album by album, talk about stories from the creation of certain songs, what she had in mind when she was crafting certain things, how concepts for tours and videos came together, deep cuts, a bit of everything.

    And then at the end when she’s in that chair and can’t hide from it: “Madonna, whose d*ck do we have to hop on to get some special editions/Blond Ambition on video/etc?” There may be a ton of legal/financial reasons why this isn’t happening, but it would be interesting to see her address all of the ‘wish fulfillment’ stuff fans have discussed over the years.
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  16. Right? The fact I'm surprised she remembers that song is really odd. But very endearing.
  17. I believe it was rehearsed for quite a long time before being cut from the Rebel Heart Tour not long before it began. She's probably quite fond of it (and I was surprised it wasn't on the set list myself).
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  18. I think she enjoys her catalogue quite a bit, but mainly for herself. She referred to the Bedtime Stories album a lot on Instagram while making Madame X.

  19. Are there any more rare/promo versions of her music videos like these ones? The Justify one I had no idea about but I find them quite fascinating.
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