Bedtime Stories is probably my second favorite Madonna album after Ray of Light, so I'm THRILLED to see it getting the respect it deserves. I know M was probably behind the scenes like "Why the fuck did my dumb fans choose that one???" but dddddd...
Hahahaha. For me it’s Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light, Like a Prayer, in that order.
Wait, now she's saying she tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies and is going to "breathe in the COVID-19 air"?

Wait, what’s happening?

I can’t believe she’s cooking on Instagram.

She should start writing her life story while in lockdown.
We all know something being 'dated' doesn't matter or relate to quality, but it's interesting how Bedtime Stories really began the run of 'timeless' sounding albums she'd put out, really until Hard Candy (which NOW sounds fresh again). Sure, it has people of the moment in 1994 and isn't removed from then-popular sounds, but it sounds super fresh now, smooth as silk, and the more experimental moments still sound like they have one foot in the future. It's just fantastic - and I hope all this is bringing more casual fans to the album that made me a true stan.
I convince myself Take A Bow is just pleasant and nothing more...but it's really quite sumptuous isn't it? Like falling down into a cool, fluffy bed. And then the lyrics themselves are quietly devastating. It's possibly the least cool thing on the album... but it's so sweeping I find myself getting caught up in it. It's the instrumentation I think. The video..!
Bedtime Stories is my overall favourite album in that it’s the only album I love listening to from start to finish. The highs aren’t as high as some of her other albums but for me it’s her most consistently good.

Same here. It's my favorite Madonna album and one of my all time favorites. A real masterpiece.

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Bedtime Stories has consistently been in my Top 5 Madonna albums since the first time I listened to it. I'd place it 3rd now after Ray Of Light and Erotica.
I love the lush vibe of the album and the mood it creates and sustains from start to finish. Definitely one of those albums that I listen to from start to finish and it has some of Madonnas warmest and best vocals. The lyrics are great too, especially Secret and Love Tried To Welcome Me.
Inside Of Me would be my pick for a single that never was, especially if released after Take A Bow.
My favourites from Bedtime Stories are Survival and Secret. What a way to open the album. I keep coming back to Secret particularly because of the funky wah-wah guitar solo in the middle section.

And Take A Bow may feel a bit basic compared to many other moments on the record, but the melodies are so pretty and her voice is just stunning on it.
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