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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I really hope she’s paying attention to the love the public has for this album.
    i loved that Madonna wore the dress again 20+ years later.




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  2. Ugh she looks beautiful in that Met Gala photo.
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  3. Wow when was that? Never seen that before! She looks amazing.
  4. 2018 Met Gala after party
  5. Why is everyone losing their mind over Madonna attending Steven Klein's birthday celebrations when he's living with her at the moment ?
  6. Probably because they had ~outside people~ attending.
  7. Wasn't it done via Zoom anyway? I saw Susanne Bartsch post about it yesterday. According to Steven himself, there are quite a few people quarantining in her house at the moment.

    I made the mistake of looking in the "news" section of a fan forum and people are comparing her to Morrissey over this. Morrissey. Like...
  8. This set off a series of visions in my head, and one day we're going to need a fictionalized Tennessee Williams-esque dark comedy/gothic melodrama about quarantining at Madonna's home.

    The air is heavy with humidity and an indefinable yet palpable sense of dread. Everyone is in their own rooms when suddenly, hastily scrawled notes are slipped under everyone's doors, immediately followed by the uneven sounds of someone shuffling away. The notes are invitations to a special performance at 10pm, elegant eveningwear mandatory.

    The guests remember who's paying for the fried fish, sigh, and begrudgingly dress themselves for the festivities:


    Manhattans and Harvey Wallbangers abound.
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  9. The party was hosted on Zoom, but M had Susanne, Joey Arias, and Opera Gaga in person at her home.

    The comments on Infinity, re: her antibody testing and the Zoom party were disgusting, but that’s expected of M forums.
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  10. Well this is depressing.

    I can name about two Drake songs.
  11. So incredibly grim indeed.
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  12. Like Minaj and most others who cling onto these temporary milestones with endless “featuring” status singles, there is no equivalence whatsoever. It would be like Madonna getting “each time you break my heart” included in her hit tally.
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  13. I'm massively pissed off about the Madonna/Drake stat thing, her record was built over 29 years of hard graft, talent and enduring relevance. His is from 10 years of drab hype collabs and increasingly shit songs.

    On Bedtime Stories, Bjork's story doesn't ring true at all. And even if she was pissed, the fact that one of her co-writes was attached to such a groundbreaking, lasting video (which is literally fucking displayed at MoMa, not many videos have that!) should shut her up. It was 1994, everyone wanted to work with the queen but no one wanted to publicly endorse her.
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  14. Steven Klein is living with her? Why?
  15. They've been attached at the hip especially in the last like seven years, is it that surprising if he is?
  16. Madonna lives with, like, two other families and her assistants, plus her personal photographer/videographer for a while now. I think Steven went up to her Hamptons house with his dogs and son to get out of the city when everything went into lockdown.
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  17. Just watched this again and it FUCKING KNOCKS.
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  18. We need the Tonight Show performance on YouTube. Maybe my favorite TV performance of hers of the ‘10s.
  19. I have to admit I've gotten used to the Dailymotion upload

    ( on the Jimmy felon) is iconic.
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  20. My favorite performance of the 10's as well....... Wish she had done it (or something on that level) for Eurovision, sigh.
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