My dragging of Girl Gone Wild has me listening to the album again (minus the singles, Superstar, Gang Bang and BDay Song) and I know it's overstated but when those tinny ass drums kick in after the heavenly change in pace in Love Spent...

I also increasinly feel certain that Some Girls might be the most solid thing on the record. Pop Legends and Rexhars know.
As for "Bitch I'm Madonna", I'm gonna save the majority of what I have to say about it for the rate (where all Madonna discussion should be happening at the moment anyway) but what I will say is that I think it was a great watershed moment. You either Get It or you Don't Get It. If you Don't Get It... it's maybe time for your Madonna journey to end.

You can get it and still not like it.
As for ending a 4-decade (amazing) journey because of one song? With all due respect: no way.
It’s really the poor mixing that brings the whole thing down. I can deal with frothy EDM and surf-pop, but not when her poorly treated vocals are so far back in the mix and the production is that tinny. I mean, it just sounds unfinished. I wish the stems would leak so someone could work on giving it a decent remaster.

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8 years later and I still can't decide if I actually like MDNA in some way or not. It's flaws are just too over-whelming!