The Thing About MDNA is that there are (imo) good options for second singles and third singles, but there's no one song that's jumping up and down and insisting on being the lead. You have a few "this will work, I guess..." choices but that's it.
As much as I... well, I don’t dislike it, but it’s not a favorite, either. But as much as I have feelings about GMAYL, it made sense as a “lead” considering the entire rollout hinged solely on the Super Bowl and not much else, since Madonna was off that stage and rehearsing for the tour the following week.

In an alternate universe (the same one where MDNA’s mix/master wasn’t rushed), GMAYL would have been a one off for the event and M would have followed it up a few weeks later when the album was properly finished with “Girl Gone Wild” by premiering it with a performance at UMF, but oh well.
Living For Love is a better song than Give Me All Your Luvin, but I vastly prefer the latter. It’s bouncy, boppy, cheap trash, but it puts a smile on my face (these days) and the surf rock vibes are fab. The demo is my definitive version (ie - exactly the same as the final one minus Nicki and MIA who actually take away from the final product, removing that great original bridge). It’s my Girl Gone Wild - the song most fans admit is bad but really enjoy?

Yeah Living For Love is just dull to me in comparison. It’s fine, and when I put on Rebel Heart it’s a good opener but I’m always quite glad it’s out the way.
This is so sweet.


Me bopping to that song from the Amelie Soundtrack
Girl Gone Wild and Bitch I'm Madonna were both gorge.

Girl Gone Wild is nothing of the sort. GMAYL and GGW were a dreadful one-two punch and it’s only because the latter reminds gays of the sort of thing they’d hear on popper-fuelled holidays to Gran Canaria that it scrapes by in the fan consciousness. She pandered with that RuPaul final challenge budget video and it worked I guess.

I use it on exercise playlists (Dada Life or Justin Cognito remixes...) but let’s not pretend like it’s some brilliant second single. It’s still trash.