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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I feel like this video isn't discussed enough here! 286 million views, being her most viewed video on YouTube, right? Madonna looks gorgeous and her red dress is so iconic.
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  2. Bitch I’m Madonna is her most viewed video.
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  3. The Girl Gone Wild video made me gay. Like, literally.
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  4. Her best single ever, oop!
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  5. Having Kazaky in there was a moment. Having two more dancers added to them was not. If you're utilising a hot internet sensation why dilute it? The other kii was a cute Riri stan I met in her London show two years prior being the new Kazaky member just as the video begun shooting.
  6. Lil old me again, on the topic of rare music videos. I've decided to take the matter into my own hands and use all the Madonna mood I've been in for the past 2-3 weeks for the greater good. So, I've decided to put together a definitive official videography collection which includes:

    • Official music videos
    • Remix music videos (Dan O Rama, Aviddiva)
    • Live videos (Official promo videos sent for broadcast like Causing A Commotion or Holiday 1990, uploads on her Youtube channel - which I will consider somewhat official promo uploads now - like the newly uploaded ones for the Vogue anniversary)
    • Megamix videos (the GHV2 ones)
    • Backdrops & tour interludes (incl. Paradise Not for Me & Die Another Day 2008, Bedtime Story 2004, etc - to feature new footage of her or have some sort of stand alone significance - Human Nature 2008, Nobody Knows Me from Re Invention)
    • Oddities (Revolver fan-made video which has been picked up by a few music channels in Europe, the Holiday performance videos)
    • MTV performances (used for broadcast e.g. Express Yourself -- also Brits Bedtime Story which I'm pretty sure they got the rights to and was used in a VH1 programme back in the day)
    • Censored / montage music videos (Erotica ones, Justify My Love ones, Fever UK montage, Music montage, Angel montage)
    • Others (Sorry Confessions Tour demo remix with b-roll footage, American Life shelved video in multiple versions)
    • Missing: Beautiful Stranger Calderone remix video. There is a video put in place for that but I'm convinced it's not official as it features some random soft porn used in the montage. Also, Ray of Light from Confessions Tour was sent to TV channels, from what I know, but is unavailable on Youtube. The official status of the Angel one is under question for me but I know for sure there is one out there as it's included on the She's Breathless VHS promo.

    Please, message me if you consider anything missing from the list or if you think certain inclusions should be omitted. I realise including some might be a stretch, but I just wanted to build the most comprehensive archive available for other fans to enjoy, as well as me. Goes well with the Madonna rate also!

    Available here!

  7. What about TV ads?

    This Spotlight video utilising her Japanese TV ads is cute:
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  8. Living For Love never really got a fair chance at being the PROPER lead single for the Rebel Heart era as half the people wanted that Avicci Heart demo for lead and others preferred one of the many Living For Love demos that were out there.
    I like Living For Love, I don't usually seek it out to listen to but it's a good opener for Rebel Heart. But part of me can't help but feel/think it still sounds unfinished and undercooked. It lacks *something* to pull the whole thing together although I've no idea what!

    Girl Gone Wild could have been great. It had potential to be a good 2nd single to push the album around release time but everything about the final thing lacked... the vocals, the production... the only reason alot of people like it is as someone else said, the music video. Which was just okay... nothing special.
    Neither GGG or GMAYL were great lead single choices because MDNA didn't have a great lead single. 'I'm Addicted' with a great music video would have been a brave way to kick off the era and might have gained traction but again, not really a great lead single in the general sense.
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  9. I was thinking of making more playlists - the entire MTV archive with her (No Bull special, Bedtime Stories PJ Party, Blond Ambition news reports, VMA moments, etc). This one is a great idea too, I'll start work on that asap.

    Is the Spotlight video official, has it ever got a promo one anywhere? Same goes for One More Chance.

  10. No it's manmade but very well made. One More Chances may have gotten a montage one for chart shows?
  11. @An Insider was correct. There have always been 2 'La Isla Bonita' videos on youtube splitting the view count and combined had more views than 'Bitch I'm Madonna'.
    However, it seems to have disappeared sometime over the past couple of weeks!
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  12. RJF


    "Girl Gone Wild" is Madonna's worst ever single. Absolutely mortifying from head to toe. She has so many other easy, breezy party bops that are actually good. Why even give air to something that horrific?
  13. Official uploads? Her YouTube team said they were removing any doubles a while back.
  14. It pains me to say this (and it was horrible to feel it at the time) but Girl Gone Wild was the first time everything felt...'desperate' to me. In the sense the GP would use the word.

    I don't think it was, looking back, I think she wanted to make a fun bop (...), but it (and..all the care-free bops on MDNA) creaked like a rusty door. I felt like she was finally out of ideas. Falling Free/Masterpiece/I Fucked Up aside, it felt like the door was closing on her as a force. She didn't seem interested.

    Seeing the tour was great and I think dispelled those feelings, and I do find that loads of casual fans really enjoy Girl Gone Wild. It all just felt cheap, rushed, beneath her. At least GMAYL had pomp and circumstance around it to sort of mask it's gaping flaws.

    Rebel Heart is so beloved by me (and many other fans I'd bet) for restoring so much faith. Tour aside, MDNA was a rough-ass era, and RH put all my fears to rest. It could have 20 more tracks than it already does - she was fired up and passionate again, playing with as many sounds as she could and exploring all kinds of emotional avenues.

    The Girl Gone Wild Choreo is her last iconic video choreo though, I'll give it that.
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  15. Also Revolver, but mainly because that one exists and I could NOT tell you how it goes.

    Stream a good Madonna single instead.

  16. True Blue. Easily one of her all time best.
  17. The Grammy-winning (ahem) Revolver is actually slightly camp (especially the MDNA Tour version with the auto tuned spoken intro) which already elevates it above Girl Gone Wild.

    Line 'em up and watch 'em faa
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  18. RJF


    As for "Bitch I'm Madonna", I'm gonna save the majority of what I have to say about it for the rate (where all Madonna discussion should be happening at the moment anyway) but what I will say is that I think it was a great watershed moment. You either Get It or you Don't Get It. If you Don't Get It... it's maybe time for your Madonna journey to end.
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  19. I loved your write up of it in the previous rate.
    And also the champagne cork when Girl Gone Wild was eliminated...
  20. Why not my edit that has both though?

    Also the only sensible MDNA lead single is Turn Up The Radio with the vocals treatment of the remix, released with a decent budget video a short while after Give Me All Your Luvin at the SuperBowl.
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