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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Well link to it, binch! I need this in my life. Also completely agree about Turn. I've had the Solveig (REAL) remix on repeat since the rating started and god if I haven't done a 180 on that song. I know we have to... imagine that a remix is the final version but still.
  2. Where can this remix be found? I don't know that I've heard it.
  3. On Spotify, it's the Martin Solveig remix. I.e basically his ideal version. Her vocal is the SAME take but sounds 10x better.
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  4. I still find it interesting that MDNA had some deeply personal songs but only the frothy ones were released as singles.
  5. I think that was more due to the label though. She tried to have Falling Free released but they didn’t let her.
  6. Well the released ones were definitely more radio friendly so I guess that's why the label went for them. The personal ones are the real gems of that album of course. And Beautiful Killer & I Fucked Up.
  7. I’ll just sit in the corner stanning Girl Gone Wild alone he he.
  8. Really? I didn’t know that. When did that info come out?
  9. I need someone to take these vocals and combine them with the album instrumental. The chorus here is....not particularly pleasant to listen to.
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  10. If the Dada Life remix (in edit form) of Girl Gone Wild opened MDNA. Sorry to our wigs...
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  11. I can understand that one. And I love Falling Free.
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  12. I love the dramatics from the Offer Nissim one, strings & everything. I still looove this tiny visual that used it:

  13. I PM'd you, by the way, in case you didn't see it.
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  14. I swear Madonna could fart and Offer Nissim would Remix it (badly).
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  15. Seconding the link request.
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  16. My dragging of Girl Gone Wild has me listening to the album again (minus the singles, Superstar, Gang Bang and BDay Song) and I know it's overstated but when those tinny ass drums kick in after the heavenly change in pace in Love Spent...

    I also increasinly feel certain that Some Girls might be the most solid thing on the record. Pop Legends and Rexhars know.
  17. I LOVE Some Girls. It's like a behemoth proclaiming their manifesto.
  18. Her 2015 Q&A, I submitted the question and was surprised she answered it. It seemed she wanted to elaborate on other songs as well but was probably pressed for time.
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  19. You can get it and still not like it.
    As for ending a 4-decade (amazing) journey because of one song? With all due respect: no way.
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  20. My popular opinion is that I agree that Some Girls is MDNA’s best offering (or I’m Addicted)

    My unpopular opinion is that I don’t think BDay Song is awful .
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