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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Not all celebrities are followed everywhere they go so no one sees what they are wearing in their private time.
  2. Not necessarily. Maybe she was there to poison him.
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  3. Crave is firmly in Madonna’s top 10 songs. It’s not said enough!
  4. Mom is in a museum here in Athens:


    Anne Collier «Folded Madonna Poster (Steven Meisel)» 2007.
  5. Such a gentle, yearning song. An absolute career highlight for sure. I like how each line always feels like it's being magnetically drawn back to the chorus melody which just falls right open at the "You're the one I crave.." bit.
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  6. The last several M albums have generally led me to think it's not realistic nor reasonable for me to expect her to sing with the same voice that she used to at her very best.

    But it's songs like Crave that stop me from letting go of all hope.
  7. Crave (in my opinion) is her best single of the 10's...the Thomas Gold mix is pretty amazing.
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  8. ^
    She is looking very hot here.
  9. It's really cool that her Instagram is now basically on par with the quality of most magazine editorial shoots.

  10. Lol @ Sandra Bernhard’s comment
  11. Mother is looking sexy

    give us SOMETHING
  12. She posted on her IG stories wearing what looks to be Virgin era clothing… is she doing some sort of retrospective photoshoot? Because she was wearing her 1991 Oscars dress in a fitting the other day and Steven Klein seemed to say he’s working with her

  13. Only Madonna.
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  14. What was considered Madonna’s “very best” vocally? It’s the Ray of Light era, isn’t it? Though I think her most iconic vocals (by that, I mean, this is the style of singing people probably associate with her) would be from True Blue. I always see people who actually lived through that era have a lot of love for Cherish.
  15. I can't stop thinking about how Madame X is one of her BEST albums and how much it represents the vibe in which she has lived her life over the last decade more then....most any of her work? I can't get enough of it. Medellin is one of her sexiest songs ever.

    Seeing her at the VMAs, serve after serve on instagram (editorial level), the Paramount premiere, seeing her happy and fulfilled with her boo....its all so great. Love MY mommy.
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  16. Ray of Light across the board.

    I think Live to Tell, Rain, I'll Remember, Playground, I Want You and You'll See - Madonna displayed her vocals. I love her lower register (if that's the correct term)
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