Hmm there can be some sort of interview about the upcoming reissues and stuff. Would make total sense since the shoot is a throwback of sorts.
Madonna hasn’t finished shooting yet. It’ll be available to pre-order in November. I don’t think they typically tease issues this early, so hopefully it has something to do with the Warner reissues.
Her raspy, 50-cigs-a-day, post-Blonde-Ambition-tour Rescue Me vocals are right up there.
This! I adored her deep untrained vocals. The only post-vocal training album that I thought was great was “Ray of Light”. Interestingly, her voice became higher and thinner after that - it’s usually the opposite as people mature. The 90s were her peak vocally but she gave some stunning vocal performances in the 80s too. It’s still amazing to hear her belting out “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” on only her second album.

Yes at first I thought she was recreating her own looks from the 90’s, but the Marilyn Monroe thing makes more sense.

In one of the teasers it looks like her old tour costumes are on display. Maybe she’s showing off her past incarnations?

Didn’t she do another photoshoot a few weeks ago? I can’t remember for which magazine. Rolling Stone?

All those other photo shoots she’s been doing, were they really just for Instagram? I’m referring to ones like the recent trailer and barbecue.
If anyone was wondering, this is the song Steven is referencing in the caption:

Very Prince - there are a lot of references to his work in the lyrics (and even a Gett Off sample)
Tom Breihan wrote an in-depth article on Vogue, as part of Stereogum's The Number Ones series. It's excellent:

In at least one interview, Madonna has said that I’m Breathless is her favorite of her albums. I disagree. I’m Breathless fucking sucks. There’s a two-part duet with Warren Beatty on there? There’s, like, a rumba song that Madonna sings in a quasi-Latin Betty Boop voice? Get that shit out of here. Unlistenable.

A kii!