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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Ray of Light, definitely. And even though they're way down on my list of favorite M albums, her voice really shined in two very different ways on I'm Breathless and American Life. Such fearless and brassy belting in the first, such subdued beauty in the latter (Nothing Fails, Intervention...).
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  2. Ray of Light or, like, the Evita Soundtrack if that counts - I’d say the latter was arguably the most technically impressive since Ray of Light was a lot more “processed”.

    In terms of live vocals though, I’d say 2003-2005 were probably her best. American Life promo era especially.
  3. Ray of Light for album vocals, she sounded pretty rough promoting it live in 1998/1999. For live vocals I’d say the Re-Invention Tour.
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  4. I love her vocals on Bedtime Stories. Ray of Light is flashier but Bedtime Stories is so warm and vulnerable.
  5. Her raspy, 50-cigs-a-day, post-Blonde-Ambition-tour Rescue Me vocals are right up there.
  6. I wish Madame X clicked for me, is there a roadmap to understanding it for those of us left behind by music too ahead of its time for certain people?
  7. LTG


    The World of Madame X doc really brings you into the environment she’s building with the album

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  8. ‘I started asking around, where is the music?

    Chills. Her visceral passion for music cannot be overstated when discussing how and why she has been breaking boundaries her entire career. I feel like with Madonna, the gp (and some 'fans') don’t always realise that it’s always been about the music at the core of everything she does, everything else just revolves around it. I love how she explains that what we call 'world music' is really our music, because it's all connected. 'If we're lucky enough, we can tap into it, draw from it, give voice to it, share it with the world.'

    So many people don't miss an opportunity to comment on her posts that they want the old Madonna back, but they have just not been paying attention. She literally says in this video ‘Instagram is a lie, I mean it’s fun, as long as you accept that it’s not the truth’.

    Thank you for reposting this, I hadn’t watched it since it first came out and it's such a great reminder of why Madame X is a such an accomplishment of an album. It may not be perfect, but I'll take a highly ambitious artistic project over a polished one any day.

    (A whore)
    A whore
  9. Agree with this. While she displays more range on Ray of Light, Bedtime Stories reveals a much richer, nicer tone.
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  10. She sounds angelic on Bedtime Stories - Inside of Me in particular is one of my favorite vocals she's done on record.
  11. This.
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  12. She looks amazing. Getting “Bad Girl” meets Truth or Dare vibes

  13. I’d take it a step further and say it’s always been about the art—music, performance, theater, image, and dance. Dance is probably the most underappreicated aspect of her artistry.
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  14. Quite sensational. Madonna detectives on forums have detected that she's recreating famous Marilyn Monroe moments and photographs, down to the details, possibly even Marilyn's last moments (hello controversy), but the looks are spot on and could also be related to the fitting with the Sooner or Later Oscar dress

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Yes at first I thought she was recreating her own looks from the 90’s, but the Marilyn Monroe thing makes more sense.
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  16. What is she working on with the latest pics.
    I’m getting music video vibes and are those lyrics in her latest insta stories?
    Maybe I’m reading too much into this.
  17. Pretty sure it’s just a photoshoot. Steven Klein said they were working on something. She’s more than likely just referencing these

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  18. regarding the handwritten notes in her stories:

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