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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. So... was this shot a while back then? Teaser one seems to imply that it's coming soon, but if they shot it this weekend I can't seem them finishing the retouching, layouts etc etc within a couple of days. Sometimes there is 4 to 6 weeks between shoot date and going to print...

    Edit: never mind, was watching the footage and didn't read the titles overlayed over M, 1st of November it drops... which fits my timeline! Haha
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  2. There are going to be multiple covers for sure and shipping for 3 magazines on the website is $50 for Europe. A nightmare!
  3. RJF


    ...What is she up to? Did she just decide she wanted to be on a magazine cover this month?
  4. I feel this is exactly what happened
  5. How does one order V Magazine(s)?

    Asking for a friend etc.
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  6. Although it looks beyond gorge, isn't Madonna-as-Marilyn stale as fuck by now?
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  7. Absolutely. Imagine how tired we are etc. I'll still stan though!
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  8. Hmm there can be some sort of interview about the upcoming reissues and stuff. Would make total sense since the shoot is a throwback of sorts.
  9. Looks like you can order individual issues on their website. They don’t have the Madonna one available for pre order yet. They only have the previous one with Olivia Rodrigo.
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  10. Madonna hasn’t finished shooting yet. It’ll be available to pre-order in November. I don’t think they typically tease issues this early, so hopefully it has something to do with the Warner reissues.
  11. According to Bea Akerlund they finished yesterday after 23 hours.
  12. She changed her profile picture to the wedding veil look from the VMA’s party.
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  13. This latest shoot feels very Madonna in her high imperial phase in the early 90s and I’m here for it. Looking forward to the full spread.

    The Marylin Monroe comparison also reminded me of this interview where she got asked about it. "I don’t want to be Marylin Monroe, I want to live first of all" dd

  14. This shoot looks stunning, it’s feels like 1992 all over again.
  15. Madonna ramping up the Glam. I am here for this!
  16. This! I adored her deep untrained vocals. The only post-vocal training album that I thought was great was “Ray of Light”. Interestingly, her voice became higher and thinner after that - it’s usually the opposite as people mature. The 90s were her peak vocally but she gave some stunning vocal performances in the 80s too. It’s still amazing to hear her belting out “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” on only her second album.

    In one of the teasers it looks like her old tour costumes are on display. Maybe she’s showing off her past incarnations?

    Didn’t she do another photoshoot a few weeks ago? I can’t remember for which magazine. Rolling Stone?

    All those other photo shoots she’s been doing, were they really just for Instagram? I’m referring to ones like the recent trailer and barbecue.
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  17. Yeah, they were all done by Ricardo.
  18. If anyone was wondering, this is the song Steven is referencing in the caption:

    Very Prince - there are a lot of references to his work in the lyrics (and even a Gett Off sample)
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