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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. For all the Marilyn referencing she’s done through her career, I’m actually surprised she hasn’t channeled this specific shoot sooner. At least not from what I can recall off the top of my head. I’m really excited.
  2. I’m really excited for this shoot. It’s amazing how she can never run out of Marilyn homages.
  3. Looks like it’s to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hung Up from her Insta?
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  4. V Magazine posted the video originally with that music the other day. I don’t think it has anything to do with that, though. Hoping she will discuss the new Warner partnership, though, if there’s an interview.
  5. Tom Breihan wrote an in-depth article on Vogue, as part of Stereogum's The Number Ones series. It's excellent:

    A kii!
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  6. Tom Breihan is clearly deaf.
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  7. That two part duet is one of the best moments on I'm Breathless.
  8. Now I'm following you is in Madonna hell with Hey you, GAY luvin', b-day song and Incredible.
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  9. Hung Up was sixteen years ago (I feel ancient).
  10. Same - was a magical time though
  11. So much for time going by so slowly.
  12. Were you waiting, anticipating, hesitating, levitating?
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  13. “Incredible” is fantastic, haters be damned.
  14. Now I'm Following You is the only song I take from that demonic album other than Vogue. I think it's just Part 2 that I like, though. I can't even remember, which tells you how much I actively like it.
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  15. I legitimately love Now I'm Following You. It's tied with Back in Business as my favorite non-Vogue track from the album. He's a Man and Hanky Panky are the other two I use from it.
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  16. Sooner or Later and Something to Remember are both gorgeous songs. Wasn’t Now I’m Following You planned to be a single at one point?
  17. Not going to accept any I'm Breathless slander in here. Cry Baby, More and I'm Going Bananas grate, but the rest of the songs range from good to fantastic.
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  18. Yes!
    Although I have to admit, I much prefer some of the album sings from Confessions over the singles. I get why she chose them as singles though.
  19. Yes I think it was to be after Hanky Panky which didnt hit the top ten til end of July and by then the movie was starting to leave screens and the focus went to IC.
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