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Ddd, she's a grown rich white lady from backwards-ass Michigan. TBH I don't fault much of her auntie-on-facebook-bohemian-fantasy-despite-having-money energy. She's a product of a very specific time in pop and social transition; I can recognize and reconcile the cognitive dissonance that's inherent in her existence as well as her social standing. It's harmless in the long run.
I said that the press release mentioned those albums (The deal encompasses her entire Sire/Maverick/Warner catalog, including global smash albums such as Madonna, Like a Virgin, True Blue, Like a Prayer, and Ray of Light) so I’m assuming it’ll be them.

Doesn’t mean they are going to release only the mentioned albums.
I really doubt V magazine didn’t have a budget for that. It’s her usual legendary drama. And also only people who usually works with her did the photoshoot.
Also Madonna arrogant? With a big ego? What a shocker.
The day that those Rebel Heart demos leaked was so bizarre, especially since I think they used this photoshoot as the artwork


It was still so completely unexpected.

I always get obsessed at how much she looks like Sophie here (or vice versa?). The hair, the cheeks sculpted from marble, the latex. Icons only.