Happy 3,500th pages Madonna!

Went to a screening of Madonna: Truth or Dare/In Bed with Madonna here in Toronto last night. What a blast. The audience was made up of all fans. It was kind of jarring to hear a crowd of people in support of Madonna considering how much criticism she has received over the last few years.

The film still holds up. The concert sequences are still stunning. I really hope we get a 4K release one day. Those concert sequences will pop with HDR. When the performance of "Express Yourself" finished, the audience broke into enthusiastic applause.

The best moment, of course, was the dreaded "Fascist state of Toronto" sequence. When journalist Christine Bentley came on screen reporting about Madonna's performance the night prior back in 1990, one fan screamed "CHRISTINE!!!!!" And yes, we did clap when the Queen called us a fascist state.

I saw this film 30 years ago in a suburb outside of Toronto. When Gabriel and Slam kissed, the audience booed in disgust.

But last night there was no booing, no homophobia, no Madonna-bashing, just pure joy.
Either it’s been a while since I last checked (I’m pretty sure it hasn’t), or her Instagram follower numbers has been increasing a lot faster recently, last time I checked it was 15.6 and now it’s 15.9. I remember earlier this year it stalled at 15.5 for quite a while.
And if I remember right, this is all because she...turned him down for an interview like 15 years ago? What kind of deranged Elton John energy
I think his beef with her stems back to her PR giving the scoop over Madonna being pregnant with Rocco to The Sun when Morgan was at The Mirror. He can certainly bear a grudge, it's puerile.

(Apologies for linking to the Daily Mail).