Let this shoot and artists are here to disturb the peace die, please.

Even if she was just being cheeky, when she belligerently slammed her hands down on Jimmy Fallon’s question cards because “artists are here to disturb the peace!”, I thought to myself, “some think piecer is gonna pick up on how she’s using James Baldwin’s quotation and a harsh rebuke is going to come out of it.”

Hasn’t happened yet, but tick tock…
From a trailer just shown on BBC2, it looks like we're getting a "Madonna at The BBC" compilation as part of its Saturday night music strand.

There's no TX date yet, but I suspect the earliest it could be is Saturday 4th December as BBC2 are doing Paul McCartney next Saturday and Freddie Mercury on the 27th.

BBC2 are showing this over Christmas, along with Truth Or Dare:

Madonna at the BBC

A look back at a selection of magical Madonna moments on a range of BBC shows - from her first ever Top of the Pops appearance with Holiday in 1984, right up to the present day. This collection covers Madge’s journey from Material Girl to Queen of Pop. It captures how, over the years, her ability to combine charisma, controversy and classic pop tunes has made her a female icon and a true global superstar.

Madonna: Truth or Dare

A behind-the-scenes look at Madonna's 1990 Blonde Ambition tour, which saw the Queen of Pop perform to 800,000 people across Japan, the USA, Canada, Sweden, Spain, the UK, Italy and France. This intimate film, which was last broadcast on the BBC in 2003, explores Madonna’s relationships with her dancers, crew, family and friends - including her famous encounters with Warren Beatty, Sandra Bernhard and Kevin Costner. It features performances of songs including Express Yourself, Oh Father, Like A Virgin, Holiday, Live To Tell, Vogue, Causin' A Commotion, Keep It Together and Family Affair.
I love her and always will.. but for an icon that has served us countless instances of actual boundary pushing art (music, videos, film..etc) to stress an !!ART!! discourse over what ultimately amounts to a glamour photo shoot (she's done an iteration of 20+ times) not covering any new artistic ground but this time no one gets paid... but its fine because true artists will starve to disturb the peace for Madame X....etc it's just bizarre! Mama the worms in your brain have more in their bank accounts than the starving artists that actually "disturb the peace". Pay for your glamour shoot. You're Madame X not Katniss Everdeen.
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Oof that post has generated yet another round of negative headlines. The unfortunate thing is unlike some past (iconic) controversies it's hard to defend her or think, well she has a point. Put away the cutlery, unbraid your hair and pay your people!
She usually works within whatever budget is available for any given project and her money is her money. This doesn't excuse people not being paid, but it's nothing new that her mentality is "we're all in this together as starving artists" since that's probably genuinely how she sees it. Her Facetune retoucher ain't getting a cent of her millions.