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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. An absolute BOP this song!
  2. I still have nightmares from the Hard Candy art direction and the interview she did at Dylan's Candy Bar. That was truly corporate synergy from hell. Simultaneously promoting sugar and gyms? Only an ironic queen like Madonna! I think I'll always be a little sore about the Dazed shoot with the towel not being the album art.
  3. Dazed shoot is so good
  4. Speaking of Hard Candy I like this fan-made album artwork


  5. Hard Candy, has never been one of my favourite Madonna album artworks. But, this does look alot more well done.
  6. I still think the cover we got works so much better than all the fanmade covers. The Dazed cover (with more make up because she looks dead) was probably a better choice for the album (in a way it’s a new version of the Confessions cover) but the boxing photoshoot with all that stuff on the wall is a big no for me.
  7. Best album cover of all time until Born This Way. "Fuck you I'm 50"

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  8. Visually I think it is were Madonna is lacking the most in the last decades. On a fashion level she really was the best pop star. Now very often I find her fashion choices uninspired. The last shoot she was looking great and interesting was in W.
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  9. The last picture looks like there’s several track layers with what looks like one audio file per track at a time, also the plug-in looks like a limiter.
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  11. My gay glee opening insta to this
  12. This is so exciting!
    I was just thinking it'd be cool for her to work with all the DJs that were with her at the pride gig last year for this project and then this happens. Hopefully she'll work with the others too.
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  13. So this should theoretically be the track-listing:

    The question for me is what does 'working on 50 dance mixes' mean practically - are they creating a continuous mix of existing remixes with a few new ones sprinkled in (i.e. Frozen) or is it a bigger piece of work ?
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  14. Looks like it's going to be a megamix.
  15. Either a megamix or a continuous mix, the stacked tracks in the last photo suggests it'll be segued.
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  16. Both nightmares for me but work.
    Whatever keeps mom happy.
  17. Or me.
  18. Megamixes can do either way, but still look forward to seeing what she does.
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  19. Can't wait to see what they do about this #1

    1988, "You Can Dance (LP Cuts)"
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