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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She never put the whole #remixrevolution on it though.
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  2. Well, she shared video in the studio listening to lots of old remixes. I mean, this new remix took what 3 months and it’s the same remix. Can you imagine doing 50 new remixes? Release date when, next century?
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  3. Honestly a lot of collectors would probably prefer the original remixes
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  4. This whole "Remix Revolution" thing is still pretty much a mistery. I don't think it makes a lot of sense to make a new music video for a old song that had a cute TikTok moment and then keep it out of the Album, even if it's a (Bonus Track) thing.

    It also could work as a hybrid of old and new mixes. They were editing it in studio for sure, now if it's for a ~continuousMix or brand new stuff... well, something WAS cooked. They could just keep uploading the old files and call it a day.
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  5. Yes, I think a mix of old and new remixes would be great.
    I agree the Fireboy DML mix should be included as a bonus track.
  6. I hope so, love a continuous album...You Can Dance. Paula Abdul's Shut Up and Dance and Jody Watley's You Wanna Dance With Me were my go to back in the day.
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  7. Alexa still being in the running has me gagged a bit
  8. A choreography session with Madonna herself as part of the audition sounds absolutely terrifying. I'd immediately start planning my own funeral if I got even one step wrong.

    I'm gonna need the casting director to lose Bebe's number though. I know I said the other day that whoever ends up being chosen deserves a chance to prove themselves, but...not like that
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  9. LTG


    Interesting that it ends at Blond Ambition in its current form.
  10. I hope it stays that way personally.
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  11. I hope not. It didn’t really seem that way, though, based on the way she spoke about possibly making it a mini series because she didn’t want to leave anything out. Could just be the version of the script she’s using for these auditions. I just think that’s so… boring. Not covering the Erotica era feels like a missed opportunity to offer her perspective on what happened then.
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  12. What happened? Mom was horny.
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  13. I'm rooting for Julia Garner. It's giving Oscar buzz worthy.
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  14. Frozen remix out in Spain

    Glad it is not the same remix with 13 seconds of a featuring

    it’s 50 seconds of Madonna, 50 seconds of new verses of fireboy, then a mix of both

    it stops all of a sudden but it’s kind of nice, I think
  15. Ending with Blond Ambition feels so... anticlimactic ddd. Like, I can understand but... why?
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  16. I mean, enough that she started crying talking about it during her Billboard speech.
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  17. If they're aiming for a movie with wider appeal, ending on the high note of her first imperial phase is not the worst idea.
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  18. If she's going to truncate the story, I feel like it might end around the Ray of Light campaign and Lourdes' birth.
  19. I mean, I get why they’d do that. I just think it’s the most boring and sanitized version I can think of. And that’s honestly not what I want from a Madonna biopic directed by Madonna dd. Obviously concessions will have to be made to appeal to a larger audience, but ending at Blond Ambition does such a disservice to her when a lot of the battles she faced in the industry came after the fact. I feel like they’re possibly cutting it down (assuming this doesn’t change, as the article mentions) because they don’t want to cast an older actress dd
  20. I think that is a great idea. They needed to cut down the amount of time they were covering or they would be rushing through too many things and not being able to go into enough details.
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