Live To Tell is the One.
Yeah. I may love I'll Remember more but Live to Tell is so majestic and sweeping it's hard to beat as her finest ballad achievement. Imagine the whiplash of her fans back then, going from frothy fare like Material Girl and Like a Virgin to something as somber as Live To Tell, whew. She had given a few hints with Crazy for You and Love Don't Live Here Anymore but Live to Tell is beyond.
Crazy For You is her best ballad ballad. Live To Tell is the best ballad. Paradise is her best quirky ballad. I’ll Remember is her best movie ballad. Secret Garden her best sexy ballad. She’s the queen of ballads really despite owning the dancefloor.
You speak the truth


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It's Nothing Fails, Playground and You'll See for me.
Easy Ride and pretty much all the acoustilectric slowies on Music & American Life are great too.