That's very interesting. I always thought the production was one of the best things about it. In fact, I listen to her instrumentals quite regularly and Borderline is the one song from the debut that I listen to without vocals sometimes.

She had Jellybean remix it for the final cut as she wasn't happy with it but Reggie pushed her vocally for the track and everything about it was his baby really.
The radio edit of the David Morales remix of Deeper and Deeper FINALLY commercially available. So glad I spend that hundred bucks over 20 years ago for the promo CD… but glad everyone can now hear/stream/own the superior mix of the song
It's not a superior edit of an edit though
Maybe the fade is to get to the next remix quicker to keep the memento going since it doesn’t appear there’s a continuous mix version. Into the Groove seemed quite a quick fade too.