I love how much she loves Jeanne Moreau.


Interesting that Justify My Love (a little bit, right?), Girl Gone Wild and Blame It On Rio are the works/looks that referenced Moreau. Madonna herself is masterful when she slips into this archetype.

The video of their meeting is so cute. M is smitten!
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I made a “Something more to remember” playlist ages ago and it’s my go-to Balladonna collection as a companion piece to “Something to remember”. Best of her ballads (that weren’t included on the original album). I love to see another official ballad compilation.
She really does have so many beautiful ballads. Good list.
I'm living for moms influencer fashionista socialite era, the fashions are bold and incredible and I kind of live to see what she will post next. This generational Gucci track dress moment is something only she could bring into this world.
My personal favorite ballad is Take A Bow. The Power of Goodbye, Crazy For You, Promise to Try, and Nothing Fails would probably round out my top 5.

Might pick Rain over Nothing Fails. Depends on the day.
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