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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Ah, thank you!
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  2. Did she just confirm an NYC Pride performance on her Insta story?
  3. Yes, she mentioned it on tiktok live a couple weeks ago as well.
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  4. I’m binging Ozark, and while Julia Garner is great, I think I’m team Florence Pugh for the biopic.
  5. Why is 50 Cent so obsessed with her?
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  6. Like Madonna said, he's just doing it for attention and to get his social media numbers up. Sad.
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  7. He’s a mom-and-pop. She’s a corporation.
    She’s a press conference. He’s a conversation.
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  8. Had one of the most memorable nights ever last night. So surreal!

    If any of you find yourself in Barcelona, head to this bar x

  9. Were you DJing at the Immaculate Collection night at Aatma in Manchester a few weeks ago?
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  10. I was indeed! Another life-changing night to be honest.
  11. I thought you looked familiar! That was a great night by the way. I hope your Mum, Dad and Sister enjoyed themselves too!
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  12. I'd love Mum to just strap on her guitar and give us some proper hits at NYC Pride. I am sometimes fearful of her performances these days - it feels like we're back to the American Life and English Roses level of public mockery towards her and it's exhausting and gross. Either way, I'll be happy to see her on stage doing whatever she wants and, hopefully, flipping the finger at her h8rz.
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  13. She will be half naked shaking her ass to some remixes from the new compilation, I’m sure about it!
  14. Oh, I totally forgot about that - what a shite stan I am! In that case, I hope she gets Cyberdonna 2022 out of the dressing-up box alongside the beats. Excited!
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  15. Yes I would think she would use this as a promotional performance for the remix album.
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  16. Her live performances are chaotic and unpredictable these days but I'm sure she'll be doing the Frozen remix which at least will absolutely go off live.
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    With all those new Frozen remixes it's quite an interesting choice to not put one of those on the remix compilation?
  18. I thought the remix compilation was just supposed to be songs that went to #1 on the Billboard club charts. Since the new Frozen ones didn’t (currently Billboard isn’t doing a club play chart) they aren’t ncluded.
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  19. Also… I like the new mixes, but I wouldn’t want them immortalized on that compilation.
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