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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking it'll be "I Rise", "Frozen" remix, "I Don't Search I Find" and maybe a classic like Holiday or Like a Prayer for the GP-fans.
  2. She mentioned wanting Sickkick to do new mixes of “Music” and “Vogue” when they were live on tiktok and said he should come perform them at pride with her alongside the “Frozen” remix. Who knows if that’ll end up happening, though.
  3. I would like:
    I Don’t Search, I Find
    Hung Up
  4. Apparently Ray of Light remix is coming instead of Frozen next week.
  5. She looks great but MY GOD she really likes that white corset.
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  6. She got some new grillz too.
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  7. Since Stranger Things made Running Up That Hill popular, I wonder why it did nothing for Material Girl in 2019.
  8. Because Running up that hill is 100 times better, and I say that as a Madonna loon.
  9. Material Girl got a huge boost in streams when series 3 debuted in 2019 and it is currently getting another boost now because people are rewatching the series from the beginning (or watching for the first time).
    The scene Running Up That Hill features in really is something to be seen and Running Up That Hill plays an integral part in it.
  10. Of course it is better.
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  11. I agree. You can't really compare the Material Girl shopping montage with that scene featuring Running Up That Hill.
  12. It is a lot better but when has quality mattered to the GP? I think Material Girl didn't get as much of a boost because the song was already a pop culture fixture. Running Up That Hill was less known and had more room to grow in popularity.
  13. RMK


    Material Girl is also already a huge song. I'd argue one of most recognizable songs ever. People were reminded of it in Stranger Things, not discovering it like with Running Up That Hill.
  14. Also, the Running Up That Hill scene had emotional resonance and was arguably the most pivotal scene of the entire season (so far). People will now attach that emotional reaction to the song. The Material Girl scene was cute, but nowhere near as powerful.
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  15. I’ve been thinking about this, actually. Material Girl didn’t get near the amount of coverage for its inclusion compared to Kate, and I think it comes down to a couple of things. Madonna is and will likely always be much less hesitant to allow clearance than Kate. The publicity level surrounding Kate’s approval has been pretty high and I’m pressed to find too many articles discussing the show that don’t talk about that as well. Also, Running fits in with the general vibe of contemporary music much more than Material Girl did in 2019. It’s just the perfect storm of the right time, show, song and audience.
  16. Linda Perry said in a new interview with the Guardian that Madonna turned down P!nk's Get the Party Started
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    I'm glad she did.
  18. What project would that even be for? Music? American Life? It really doesn't fit.
  19. Madonna would sound so weird on that song.
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