Yes and no. It’s all so totally camp it’s impossible not to love this wedding’s pics but it also looks like an episode of the real housewives of Beverly Hills. There is nothing more boring than a beautiful evening or cocktail dress on a beautiful woman. It’s all so conventional. Madonna visually is so lost
Or it’s just a beautiful outfit, well styled and she looks great
Just popping in to say that I really love Rebel Heart. It's probably in my top 5 of her albums. I was listening to it yesterday and it struck me how well it manages to balance being a very 2015 album while also still feeling like a Madonna album. It's a great balance. Sometimes I still get annoyed with myself knowing I genuinely considered getting it back when it first came out due to slight intrigue but never actually did. I could have been a fan three years earlier than I was. Oh well.
I’m on an impromptu solo trip to Ronda, Spain where Take A Bow video was filmed and it’s just so beautiful here. Reminds me of just how incredibly beautiful and cinematic that whole video is, definition of creating a particular universe in just 4 minutes. I stood in the middle of the bullfighting arena where the matador scenes were filmed.