Why did I just get a mental image of her in full Gaultier-Blond Ambition drag and shake a little bit??? It's a shame Amy Pascal is attached to this, but then again who in Hollywood ISN'T a piece of shit.
Julia is serving the least “Madonna” energy out of all the candidates for me personally, but she’s welcome to prove me wrong… and probably will! I was rooting for Florence…
Not my Flo!
Inventing Anna showcased Julia's ability to transform. I believe she's a great choice for Madonna, and she'll do it justice.

Florence Pugh has also become such a big name herself, and that probably factored in.
Material Girl got a huge boost in streams when series 3 debuted in 2019 and it is currently getting another boost now because people are rewatching the series from the beginning (or watching for the first time).
The scene Running Up That Hill features in really is something to be seen and Running Up That Hill plays an integral part in it.
And an integral part of the scene involves the character actually listening to the song. It's not just background music. That alone was enough to launch thousands of TikToks.
Julia will kill it.

She has an innate awkwardness coupled with a raging intensity that anyone playing Madonna has to have.

That’s what I thought, too.

Julia is really skilled at vocal impersonations. She will be great, but the movie needs to be well made. Please.

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Where did this fan fic fever dream of "David Fincher directing" come from?!
I mean, he's the most acclaimed director she's worked with and they seemed to have a pretty good working relationship, producing several iconic music videos together. It makes sense that people would want them to reunite for a biopic focusing on her career as he's proven to be a great director who can also handle the musical performance aspects of the movie.
Yeah, whoever is ready to tank tens of millions into this wouldn't want to risk it with her at the helm. Plus, I don't trust her with visuals ever since *gestures wildly at the cheap fanmade stuff being made official*
This too, uh. "Get Together" from the Confessions Tour is Louvre-ready compared to it.