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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Linda has done some great work with Pink and Christina but that song is not it.
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  2. My heart dropped because my mind registered it as Julia Fox for a few moments (the photo was missing the first time I opened the page ddd).
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  3. Oh wow, this just got real.
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  4. Why did I just get a mental image of her in full Gaultier-Blond Ambition drag and shake a little bit??? It's a shame Amy Pascal is attached to this, but then again who in Hollywood ISN'T a piece of shit.
  5. So they announce Julia Garner has the role and then Madonna posts about whether she should make her biopic or go on tour.....hmmm.....
  6. Perfect casting but I’m worried the movie will devour Julia alive
  7. I feel like Pugh is more playful and has more dom energy, but Julia's my number 2 pick so I'm happy. She's great and has the look.
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  8. She’s trolling.
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  9. Julia is serving the least “Madonna” energy out of all the candidates for me personally, but she’s welcome to prove me wrong… and probably will! I was rooting for Florence…
  10. Julia will kill it.

    She has an innate awkwardness coupled with a raging intensity that anyone playing Madonna has to have.
  11. Por que no los dos! Let someone else more accomplished in filmmaking do it. Madonna should not be directing a movie.
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  12. RMK


    Inventing Anna showcased Julia's ability to transform. I believe she's a great choice for Madonna, and she'll do it justice.

    Florence Pugh has also become such a big name herself, and that probably factored in.
  13. And an integral part of the scene involves the character actually listening to the song. It's not just background music. That alone was enough to launch thousands of TikToks.
  14. I think Julie has a level of unhinged that the others lack. She’s a good choice. She also seems utterly fearless as an actress and unafraid to really go there.
  15. Maybe she’s decided, or its been decided for her, that she wont direct, so a tour is her alternative plan….
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  16. Imagine if she got David Fincher to direct.
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  17. Where did this fan fic fever dream of "David Fincher directing" come from?!
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