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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. That’s what I thought, too.

    Julia is really skilled at vocal impersonations. She will be great, but the movie needs to be well made. Please.

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  2. I mean, he's the most acclaimed director she's worked with and they seemed to have a pretty good working relationship, producing several iconic music videos together. It makes sense that people would want them to reunite for a biopic focusing on her career as he's proven to be a great director who can also handle the musical performance aspects of the movie.
  3. Yeah, whoever is ready to tank tens of millions into this wouldn't want to risk it with her at the helm. Plus, I don't trust her with visuals ever since *gestures wildly at the cheap fanmade stuff being made official*
    This too, uh. "Get Together" from the Confessions Tour is Louvre-ready compared to it.
  4. If Julia is expected to carry this project she deserves a good script. A great director attached would be more exciting and reassuring but ultimately I don't think Madonna will ruin the film with her directing. If anything bringing her own life to the big screen might be the one thing she's actually great at in filmmaking.
  5. I still think she’ll end up with a co-director, but even if she didn’t, I’m honestly not really worried.
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  6. When did Madonna get removed as the director?
  7. I don’t think she did
  8. I think Madonna is great with visuals. W.E. the movie she directed is stunning.
    The problem with that was more the script which she was also involved in writing. She’s not a professional writer. So my concern would be more the script not the visuals.
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  9. I agree. This movie will be more like directing her tours, rather than a movie about characters other than herself. Plus it will have music and dance sequences which she is good at putting together rather than a straight dramatic movie.
  10. Yeah, but whatever gave anyone the idea that David Fincher would have any interest in directing a Madonna biopic? I mean, I'd love it personally, but I can't see that happening considering the choices he has made in The only thing in common would be his love for strong female roles!
  11. They were just saying what they’d like to see dd
  12. I was just piggybacking off Madonna's comment on whether she should do a tour or the movie and said that IF she decides not to direct (not saying I don't want her to, only if it's her choice) maybe Fincher would be a good choice. That's all.
  13. She should definitely not be directing it.

    This is my concern with the movie. It has the potential to be great but not with Madonna so closely involved in it. No shade. It’s the T.
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  14. It's wild that Fincher was supposed to direct Truth or Dare. I honestly had no idea Madonna and Fincher were even lovers until very recently. Can't remember if I've posted it before, but this Sydney Urbanek piece on their history is really fascinating and well researched. Highly recommend.
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  15. She has worked with several writers on this, W.E was just Alek and he's a good writer but not great in my opinion. By all accounts it's a great script!
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  16. This movie has a big studio behind it, it’s not like W.E.
    The fact that she did the script with two people already is very telling. Universal will not let this be a “vanity project”.
    She did the script of W.E. with Alek but he was a friend so it was a different dynamic.
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  17. Love Julia but these impersonations were shit dd.
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  18. The Variety article mentions there was a bidding war for the script so I think it's in good shape.
  19. 30 years ago today Madonna began the recording session for Erotica in NYC!
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  20. "A Clockwork Madonna"--iconic!
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