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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Inventing Anna was a total cringe fest (not a huge Shonda Rhimes fan), but I'm hoping for the best for this biopic.
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    Julia looks like Madonna and can act, so she's already mostly there. I think she'll be great and is the perfect choice!
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  3. She just posted, and deleted, a video on Instagram where she said HEY GAYS IT’S YOUR MOTHER!

    EDIT: the video is back
  4. As much as I love her and all her albums, I think it would be great news if she stays away from the directing of the movie. I hope she supervises everything but directing? Not a great idea.

    She destroyed a wonderful experience like Madame X Tour with her skills. She had all the vision for the show itself, but never for the editing.
  5. The Madame X Tour film was perfection.
  6. A film and a concert experience are not going the filmed and edited the same way. She'll have backers to please, less so than with a concert release. At this point its the style she likes, so for tours etc I'm all for her editing and vision.
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  7. A film is way beyond the angles and filming style, that's more the cinematographers and editors job. A film is like steering a giant ship with hundreds of people working for you and this film will be huge. Covering multiple time periods, a huge cast with possibly hundreds of extras, massive musical numbers... I'm more worried about her ability to wrangle all that rather than the artistic aspect of it since she's only directed one indie film before this. But if the producers trust her, who am I to argue?
  8. You can say a major pop tour is like steering a massive ship as well. And you know that she was never the kind of person who just let someone else handle things; she probably stayed informed about every aspect of her shows as much as possible. Film is a different medium, but she has plenty of experience keeping a massive production with potentially hundreds of employees in check.
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  9. It was enjoyable but some of the splicing between different cuts was a 'choice' and jarring.
  10. She should be a consultant on it to make sure the story stays true. I don't think she should be 'supervising' a film production when the studio has its own team of professionals to work out logistics and budgets.
  11. I think this leaked footage from the MDNA tour prep is pretty telling. It shows how involved she is in every aspect of her projects.

  12. I understand the arguments of those who say we shouldn't worry that Madonna is writing and directing and the points made are the sensible way to think about it but...W.E. was just so bad I can't help but be wary all the same.

    However, the problem was the script. If Madonna wasn't also writing the biopic, I'd actually be very excited to see what she can do with someone else's script as a director.

    And yeah, she is working with other writers, but...nervous emoji. W.E. literally came across like it was written by a teenager. The way romance is depicted in that film is just so simplistic and uninteresting. I feel like she got caught up in the fantasy of the story she was depicting and didn't actually give the material a good think.
  13. 100% - visually W.E was fantastic and she cast the movie well but the script was very mediocre.

    I don't think Universal will let her have carte blanche with the whole movie though - not with the sums of money being discussed budget wise - so I'm cautiously optimistic.

    Depending on how much music is featured, if there is any clunky dialogue, it might not be too much of an issue anyway......

    I remember watching this when it first leaked and being so impressed with her attention to detail. She must be an absolute nightmare to work with but the results speak for themselves.
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  14. I've always been way more worried about the Script than Directing. I think she has a great understanding\bagage about Movies and there will always be Studio, Producers and other people that are actually over her in the "hierarchy". Just because she's directing it doesn't mean she's going to have her way only. And there are some things that her input can be actually very good (choosing a Cinematographer, guiding Garner\Any actress through the process, etc.)

    Now the writing... if the whole thing is plagued from the start, then nothing can save it.
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  15. Hollywood is such a missed opportunity of a song. It's sonically exquisite with its unsettling but thrilling mixture of sinister industrial sounds and sunny-but-somehow-still-eerie folk but the lyrics are pretty cringe (and this is coming from someone who thinks that the American Life album is massively underrated lyrically). You know she has some extremely interesting thoughts and perspectives about celebrity and fame, but it seems like the most generic takes on the subject are the ones that seem to make it into her songs. She just went right for the cliches when the song could have been really interesting in terms of the words. Lines like "The sun is shining like you knew it would" and "How could it hurt you when it look so good?" are not it. A person who has never been anywhere close to fame, Hollywood, or Hollywood culture could easily write those lines.

    This verse is pretty good though:

    "I lost my memory in Hollywood
    I've had a million visions bad and good
    There's something in the air in Hollywood
    I tried to leave it but I never could"

    The "something in the air" part is too cliche and simplistic to work but I like the idea of losing one's memory and the "million visions" bit is somewhat interesting, though I would have liked her to expand on that. It's the last line that is the most intriguing though. "I tried to leave it but I never could" is extremely revealing if she indeed did try to leave it.
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  16. Is it safe to say she’ll be performing Deeper and Deeper at Pride? Unless she’s trolling us.
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  17. Please let it be M walking her down the aisle!
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  18. Deeper and Deeper might be her best dance song. The song is a 10 out of 10 and reaches potential 11 status when that flamenco guitar part happens.
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  19. Can we please either can this movie or get the best of the best to sort it out? I am nervous about Madonna being so involved in her own movie, as her quality control has been mixed since 2008.
  20. I kinda get it all and agree but at same time I feel like the clichés are some sort of "meta moment" while talking about the plastic hollywood life. Especially juxtaposed with deeper sayings as "I've had a million visions bad and good". I think Madge is such a underrated lyricist sometimes. There are some clunkers, but when she gets it... it's just so right.
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