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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. The way she’s mentioned or had Inner City playing so many times lately. Please be inspired, mutha.
  2. New Pride merch on the shop! Love the white tshirt DC359E93-821C-43DE-A2C5-37AA9D2D583B.jpeg

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  3. Does anyone know what mixes were used for the It's That Girl compilation? It's bothering me that I don't have them labeled.
  4. An NFT?
  5. I love it but the Madonna store is one of the absolute worst.
  6. This is pretty cute, wonder are any other markets doing this?

  7. Is the Finally Enough Love slip mat edition available in the UK?
  8. My video from the Florence show of MDNA, sorry for the screams (do not watch it with headphones).

  9. I really need the Sasha remix of Sky Fits Heaven on streaming.
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  11. Damn, True Blue really is a perfect pop album, huh?
  12. It really is. Even the mediocre songs (True Blue, Jimmy Jimmy, and Love Makes The World Go Round) are a rush. The rest are 10s and 11s.
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  13. Facts. I genuinely wouldn't give anything on it less than a 9.5.
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  14. I am loving these remasters.

    I feel like she cares about the catalogue. Finally!!
  15. True Blue falls off a fucking cliff after La Isla Bonita and it sounds dated in places but it really does have some of the greatest pop music ever on it. And her vocals are such an improvement on the first two eras. One of her best eras vocally even if she sounded a bit shit on the Who's That Girl tour.
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  16. OMG - I'll literally cry if they do Vogue
  17. Sky Ferreiera talked about the Madonna audition with the Guardian

    She has also had validation from her formative inspirations. Recently, she narrowly missed out on the role of Madonna in the official biopic. “It was the most surreal thing at first,” Ferreira says of the extensive auditions. She worshipped Madonna as a kid, and went to clubs and “talked shit” in order to get noticed as a teenager because that’s what Madonna did. “And it worked!” Ferreira sang Like a Virgin with her, wearing her clothes. “And she did my makeup! That was the best moment of my life.”
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