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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I was literally listening to this mix the other day and thought it should be the next promo for Finally Enough Love. fantastic mix
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  2. I have never seen this video before, loving all the extra footage.

    RE True Blue, it really is pop perfection, and I quite like Jimmy Jimmy and Love Makes the World Go Round too.
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  3. Brilliant remix this. Makes Ray Of Light even more enjoyable as a song in my view.
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  5. Finally enough love indeed!
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  6. Listening to Ray of Light and all the accompanying remixes was a truly mind expanding experience, as a teenager who primarily listened to divas (Mariah, Janet, Whitney, even Madonna's earlier work) I had never listened to something as creative and exciting as that before in my life. She really brought electronica to small town gays like me. I never even knew music could do... that.
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  7. Very that, but Sky Fits Heaven and Skin for me - like you say, genuinely mind-expanding and opened up a new world of sounds for me as a kid.
  8. The way this remix slapped on the drive to work this morning yas.

    In general, her 90's and early 2000's remixes were fucking incredible, so I'm more than happy about this compilation.
  9. 989A5801-9A02-418B-9476-7119BA62CC73.jpeg Happy 30th to the gorgeous “This Used To Be My Playground”
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  10. Me too. They’re so cute. Adorably naive 80s pop.
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  11. Sublime! What a gorgeous moment in her career that was.
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  12. The Long Version needs to be put on streaming!
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  14. And while they're at it can they please get the American Life singles' remix packages on streaming?!? That era housed some of her very best remixes, and I unfortunately lost my entire collection of her singles and have no idea how I can even go about finding them online these days. Put them up, Mom!
  15. Ray of Light might be the most massive pop song I've ever heard. Yet for all its complexity, it somehow sounds so effortless.

    It doesn't hurt that the song features her all time best vocals.
  16. It is fantastic.

    When the single first came out the only remix I liked was the Orbit one but I've really come around to the Sasha remix

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  17. Ray of Light has always been a song that has exhilarated me and made me feel alive and blissful. The Sasha remix is one I love to play before going out. It’s also just in general my favorite song of hers ever.

    And I just landed in Porto and am beginning my best “o mundo é selvagem” life.
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  18. I adore both Sasha's mixes of ROL, Twilo Mix being darker & broodier sibling to the Ultra Violet Mix. I wish her collaboration with him for Music album fell through
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  19. The Twilo Mix is just EPIC, definitely one of my favourite remixes of hers ever.
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