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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Ray of Light was played at O’Meara in London last night. I would give my life for that DJ. A moment!
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  2. Interesting details on the standard Finally Enough Love cover. The image is taken from the fourth photo in Madonna's Jeremy Scott amfAR post.

  3. It's so cool she's 'fan sourcing' artwork because she has some really talented fans.....some are more hit and miss.....Aldo Diaz she just needs to get the guy who designed those gorgeous box sets on board for the album reissues.
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  4. Is there any sort of logic behind which remixes are being released beforehand?
  5. I’m guessing it’s ones she knows are fan favourites to build up a bit of a buzz.
  6. They were originally going to release Frozen club remix which is already available on streaming, then changed it to Ray of Light which wasn’t available, same for Deeper and Deeper, so I’m guessing the releases are previously unavailable on streaming.
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  7. Love it. In Lisbon you can find the place where she recorded that World Of Madame X intro, complete with the X on the wall.
  8. I expect it's just a matter of "curation" by Rhino.
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  9. it makes sense. it's also worth noting they seem to be following a ~5 year pattern between the selections – Into The Groove (1987), Deeper and Deeper (1992), Ray of Light (1998) – possibly to showcase how Madonna's remixography evolved along with the dance music scene.

    it's curious to see Ray Of Light being promoted ahead the release of the "taster" 16-track version in June 24th since this track is not on it. maybe they will continue to drop singles from the complete version until August 19th.

    Die Another Day (2002) next?
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  10. Yes so technically we’ll have a 17 track version by Friday, I hope they continue to release them up until the release.
  11. One thing I want to get people's opinions on, because I just saw it pop up again on Madonna Infinity...

    ...when Kevin Costner appears in Truth Or Dare, he says "I don't think we'll be making that other deal." And Madonna replies, "Oh, not neat enough for you?" and he laughs and says, "No, not quite."

    Over the years I've seen people explain this "other deal" as The Bodyguard and that that was the moment Kevin told her they weren't going to be making the movie together. I've never read the exchange that way? The "other deal" always seemed like a party or other later-that-evening event. Because right after he says "not quite," he continues to say "we've gotta put the kids to bed" or something like that. It would also be kind of jerky timing to tell someone you weren't doing a movie with them immediately after seeing their concert.

    Anyone else have any take on this?
  12. Imagining M having a massive Bodyguard era... amazing but also we'd have lost her for the whole of the 90s so it's good that it went to Whitters.
  13. Yeah, it seems obvious he was talking about some kind of celeb afterparty. Doesn't she go to a party with Pacino, Beatty etc. afterwards?
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  14. I wish we got audio of the interaction between M and Olivia Newton-John.
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  15. Actually no, those guest were backstage I believe. I always thought it was a working thing what Kevin was talking about. The Bodyguard? Might be, wasn’t a project he wanted to do from mid 80s?
  16. I seriously doubt he would mention rejecting her from a movie in such an off the cuff way in front of the cameras. In any case, no one can ever know for sure I guess.
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  17. Maybe they just talked about the possibility of a project together without specifics, I really doubt it was “rejecting her in front of a camera”.
  18. Me too! I love Olivia!

    I am glad when Madonna did Confessions all those years later, she said in one video re. inspiration for the album "Olivia Newtown-John, we love you".
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  19. I don't remember Madonna ever being in the running for The Bodyguard. It was meant to be Diana Ross originally, back in the 70s when Steve McQueen was attached to the male lead, but for the version that finally got made I don't think anyone but Whitney was considered.
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