Ok so the album is out on streaming.

The way the Everybody remix starts is a choice. They couldn’t have edited a more subtle intro?

It is a bit of a cold opening for a Track 1, I wonder if they'd have been better off keeping Into the Groove ahead of it. But the 7" edit of Holiday opening the 50 track edition will be worse unless they reinstate the intro.

Finally Enough Love made me realize how Madonna has ALWAYS been a fan of remixing her work.

Maybe she understands the remixes as a continuous evolution of her creative process as she very often ends up adopting these remixes as the "official" versions of the songs and performs them instead of the album versions on the related tours and live performances (Into The Groove, Causing A Commotion, Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Rain, Bedtime Story, Hollywood, Give It 2 Me, Living For Love, Crave etc...)
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Really boring bit of backend admin talk here, but I just had a peek at the metadata for the album, and saw that the ISRC codes for most of the remastered tracks were raised/allocated by Rhino/Warner last year, so the label seems to have had the product(s) in the works for longer than I would have thought. ISRC allocation is one of the last things that happens in the supply chain process, normally.

The exceptions (from this 1-disc set) are Everybody and Hollywood, which were allocated in 2022. Generally this would indicate that tracks are a late addition to a project.

(The Universal tracks just use their original ISRCs from their initial release years, UMG don't tend to allocate a new code every time something is remastered, just look at the Abba catalogue.)

TL,DR - album's been on the cards for yonks, possibly even got delayed a bit, and two of the songs might not have originally been on it.
The remix album is great! Bursting with energy. Like a Prayer should've probably just been the regular 7" version, but oh well. I'm looking forward to more remasters from the deluxe – the Club 69 mix of Nothing Really Matters and Thunderpuss mix of Don't Tell Me are gonna go OFF.

I'd definitely be intrigued by a remix compilation with new artists, which is what I initially expected from this. Madonna's always had great taste in new talent *points up at Shygirl mention* so I hope it really is in the cards. I suppose at some point we're gonna start getting remastered albums though so not sure if that would create a conflict?
I think there may be a Shygirl remix coming too, as she mentioned during this Spanish interview she was invited to play at Madonna Pride, but was booked somewhere else in Europe. She says she is friends with Lola and that she wants her own Ray of Light.

I think these two mixes are all that exist at the moment, even though I'd love a Shy collab at some point. Madonna did mention during her TikTok live that she was interested in doing more new remixes, bringing up "Vogue", "Music", and "Don't Tell Me", so she may actually follow through. She's obviously eager to create something at the moment while this film is in production. Could be a nice way to fill in the new album gap if she actually reinvents some hits with up and coming artists, although I'm sure a certain section of her fanbase would hate the idea.